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Guns For Ukraine

Needed 25,000 Scoped Hunting Rifles for Sniping Russians in Ukraine:
When promise goal is met, collection will begin.

Promised so far: 0 ... Promises needed: 25000

Many people want to help Ukraine stop Russia. Consider the donations via AirBnB: On March 2 and March 3, guests from around the world booked more than 61,000 nights in Ukraine, according to an AirBnB spokesperson. More than half of those nights were booked by Americans. And, 3,000 Americans have joined the fight as reported on March 25.

Donating money is good, but donating sniper rifles is better. Which is better in a city without electricity, food and water: money or guns?

Another telling news report: Retired U.S. general explains why so many Russian generals are getting killed in Ukraine. Snipers have been picking them off left and right

Buy a gun to ship to Ukraine

  1. If you don't own a hunting rifle, buy one (used about $350, new about $650). Seek a gun dealer who offers a Ukrainian discount of 25% or more. For your purchase, you will be given a receipt for your investment in helping others fight a fight that we don't want invading our lives.
  2. All gun-dealers giving the Ukrainian discount will be selling guns and ammo that would otherwise be unsold on the shelf.

A third-party (and you) will lobby Congress for your donation to be a 100% tax exemption. Gun dealers can claim the difference between the full and discounted price for an eventual tax credit. As a Timist supporter, you receive lifehour credits equal to your purchase.

I promise to provide a scoped hunting rifle.
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This is an Idea Lottery: Winners when 25,000 guns shipped:
Top price 10,000 lifehour credits.

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Logistic: If 25,000 rifles are donated, FedEx and UPS will deliver
to a Pentagon-designated airport near Ukraine.

Donation Form: Guns For Ukraine
Guns need carrying cases and 200 rounds of ammo.
Gun Serial Number
Market value if used.
Purchase price if new
(new or used)
Source: dealer License or Self
dealer Ukraine $ Discount (if any) for future tax credit
Submit activated when 25,000 promises.