Original index before March 15, 2023,
Ukrainians' failure to respond to offer.

Ukraine: Defender of Democracy

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Deadline for Ukraine to claim
Global Democracy Tax:
March 15, 2023

Time Left:

Ukrainians needed:1,000,000
Ukrainians signed up:0
President Zelensky request
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If you are an Ukrainian with an email list of students, employees, readers,
listeners, members, friends, relatives, etc., you should immediately forward
this missive to achieve the one million goal before the deadline.

Table of Contents (Index):

  1. Adoptions:
    1. Mandela-Tutu Reconcilliation Model
    2. Russian Conscripts (300,000)
    3. Embassy Workers (1,000)
    4. Refugees (small businesses)
  2. Debtors of Ukraine
    1. Banned from Timism and Brainbees: Anti-Ukraine persons, districts, states and nations.
    2. Humanity Owes Ukraine
    3. United States of America owes Ukraine
  3. Defender of Democracy
    1. Center For Timism ... Activation Pledges: $5,000,000
    2. Global Democracy Tax and Loan Repayment (Record IOUs)
  4. Donations (CC)
    1. Good Samaritans 1,000,000 (Monthly) or B&B
    2. Guns for Ukraine (25,000)
    3. Lend-Lease Democracy ... Magic Carpet II
    4. Nation Start-up Costs:
  5. Officials of Ukraine
    1. Communication Portal: Officials, Ministers, Rectors and Professions Times: 3pm(EET)  9am(EST)
    2. President Zelenskyy Request
  6. Professions: Signup ... Repayment
    1. Accountants to Manage Democracy Tax
    2. Delivery of Donated Items, e.g., guns, laptops
    3. Legal Creation of New International Laws
    4. Swiss bank: Safeguard Democracy Tax
    5. Transportation (People): Airlines, Rail, Buses
    6. Volunteers: Carpenters, Electricians, Glazers, Hygienists, Healthcarew, HVAC, Operators, and Plumbers
  7. Putin, Vladimir
    1. Arrest Putin, Crowdfunding by 100 millionaires
    2. Climate Criminal
  8. Russians
  9. Nuclear Disarmament

Of the reports that Ukraine is a corrupt government:

  1. All former members of the Soviet Union are slowly evolving away from cronyism and nepotism.
  2. Becoming the Center For Timism, brainbees will lessen corruption.
  3. Winston Churchill's caveat on supporting Russia after the Nazi invasion (Barbarosa): If Hitler invaded Hell, I would make at least a favourable reference of the Devil in the House of Commons.
  4. Ancient proverb: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Half-democracy is better than full-despotism.

The most important essays you will ever read.
Hydrophilia (water loving):
The simple, molecular 'smoking gun' of droughts, fires and deluges.
 500-year drought? 1000-year flood? No.
The ELE: Extinction Level Event
Carbon Dioxide: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule.

Steps to Viralize the Global Democracy Tax for Ukraine
  1. When one million Ukrainian accounts, Timism will visit Ukrainian Washington, DC, Embassy for teleconference with Ukrainian officials.
  2. Initiate transfer of Timism software to Ukrainian programmers/coders.
    • Each Ukrainian ministry should select its best PHP/Mysqli coder for charter team membership, ready to go on a 24-hour notice.
    • For rapid start-up, i.e., cash flow, review and study brainbee options on Global Democracy Tax.
    • I hope there are Ukrainian programmers with PHP/Mysqli expertise. Otherwise, Icelanders.

Lifehour Allocation Table