Ukraine: Defender of Democracy

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Deadline for Ukraine to claim
Global Democracy Tax:
December 31, 2022

Time Left:

Ukrainians needed:1,000,000
Ukrainians signed up:5
President Zelensky request
Iceland: Backup Center of Timism
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If you are an Ukrainian with an email list of students, employees, readers,
listeners, members, friends, relatives, etc., you should immediately forward
this missive to achieve the one million goal before the deadline.

Table of Contents (Index):

  1. Accounting Firm
  2. Adoptions:
    1. Mandela-Tutu Reconcilliation Model
    2. Russian Conscripts (300,000)
    3. Embassy Workers (1,000)
  3. Arrest Putin, Crowdfunding
  4. Banned from Timism and Brainbees: Anti-Ukraine persons, districts, states and nations.

  5. Center For Timism ... Activation Pledges: $5,000,000
  6. Communication Portal: Officials, Ministers, Rectors and Professional Services Times: 3pm(EET)  9am(EST)
  7. Global Democracy Tax and Loan Repayment

  8. Guns for Ukraine (25,000)
  9. Humanity Owes Ukraine
  10. Iceland: Backup Center of Timism
  11. Iran: MYOB (NATO Bomb the drown factories and transportation)
  12. Legal Firm, International
  13. Putin: Climate Criminal
  14. Russian Expats
  15. Swiss bank: Manage Timism Funds
  16. United States of America owes Ukraine
  17. President Zelenskyy Request

Of the reports that Ukraine is a corrupt government:

  1. All former members of the Soviet Union are slowly evolving away from cronyism and nepotism.
  2. Becoming the Center For Timism with brainbees, corruption will lessen corruption.
  3. Winston Churchill's caveat on supporting Russia after the Nazi invasion (Barbarosa): If Hitler invaded Hell, I would make at least a favourable reference of the Devil in the House of Commons.
  4. Ancient proverb: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Half-democracy is better than full-despotism.

The most important essay you will ever read.
Hydrophilia (water loving):
The simple, molecular 'smoking gun' of droughts, fires and deluges.
 500-year drought? 1000-year flood? No.
The ELE: Extinction Level Event