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Lend-Lease for Democracy
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Lend-Lease for Democracy

Too many private, public and political fools decry the billions of dollars going to Ukraine in its war against Putin. They igknow the bigger picture. The war is one of democracy versus despotism.

Putin's War is a virtual repeat of the 1930s rise of fascism in which Hitler's Nazis invaded neighboring nations with a horrible goal worse than the Holocaust that killed over 10 million of which 6 million were Jews. Hitler wanted to kill all Slavs in Russia: 230 million men, women and children. Appeasers then and now are aiding and abetting baby-killer Putin akin to the Munich Peace in our time baloney.

The Global Democracy Tax will allay the financial fears of short-sighted fools who value life only in funny numbers on funny paper. Timism's Lend-Lease application for recording a nation's investment in Democracy will eventually repay the lenders. Inasmuch as the national lending are converted into Ukrainian Lifehours, the buying power will be repaid in full. Lend-leasing nations are the last re-paid as they have the deepest pockets and the most to lose: their national freedoms.

(Note: No national lifehour credits awarded to a nation as it would be a zero-sum proposition.)

Caveat: Re-payment for Lend-Lease from the Global Democracy Tax is FIFO in recording date, not original date of delivery.

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National Application for Lend-Lease Status
in Global Democracy Tax for Ukraine
(To request Lend-Lease rights, overwrite below test entries.)
Nation's ICANN code 2-letter, e.g.,US
Contact First Name
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Government Email
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Record fees for later repayment from the Global Democracy Tax.