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Deadline for Ukraine to claim
Global Democracy Tax:
March 15, 2023

Time Left:

Ukrainians needed:1,000,000
Ukrainians signed up:6
President Zelensky request
Iceland: Backup Center of Timism
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Ukraine Portals to Timism

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Officials of Ukraine
Question Office/Ministry Official URL Archive
Top Officials:
Signup Bonus: 10,000 lifehours credits
(Tele-conference: Tuesday 3pm EET)
Signup Presidency Volodymyr Zelenskyy URL 0
Signup Ukraine Ambassador to US Oksana Markarova URL 0
Signup UN Ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya URL 0
Signup Prime Minister Shmyhal Denys URL 0
Signup Rada, Chairman Ruslan Stefanchuk URL 0
Signup Commander-in-Chief, Ukraine Army Valery Zaluztny URL 0
Signup U.S. Secretary of State
Anthony Blinken URL 0

Signup Bonus: 10,000 lifehours credits
(Tele-conference: Wednesday 3pm EET)

Signup Digital Transformation Fedorov Mykhailo URL 0
Signup Ecology Strilets Ruslan URL 0
Signup Economics Svyrydenko Yulia URL 0
Signup Education/Science (Center for Timism) Shkarlet Serhii URL 0
Signup Finance Marchenko Serhii URL 0
Signup Healthcare Viktor Liashko URL 0
Signup Infrastructure Kubrakov Olexandr URL 0
Signup Recovery Plan Danylo Hetmantsev URL 0

Center of Timism Competition
Signup Bonus: 10,000 lifehours credits
(Tele-conference: Thursday, 3pm EET)
The first university rector to mass mail students, faculty and staff
will probably become the Center of Timism.

Signup Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Mychailo Zgurovsky URL 0
Signup Sumy State University Vasyl D. Karpusha URL 0
Signup University of Kharkiv Tatyana Evgenievna Kaganovska URL 0
Signup University of Kyiv Bugrov Vladimir Anatolyevich URL 0
Signup University of Lviv Melnyk Volodymyr Petrovych URL 0

Signup Bonus: 1,000,000 lifehours credits

Accounting Firm t.b.a. URL
Bank, Swiss t.b.a URL
Cloud Service t.b.a URL
Delivery Services t.b.a. URL
Legal Firm t.b.a. URL
Record fees for later repayment from the Global Democracy Tax.
New Question by Ukraine Official
Please research question on and
before formulating question. Superficial questions will be acknowledged but not answered.
(Must have Ukraine as Nation in account)
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