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January 2023 Update: Per the Hydrophilia model, California's Atmospheric Rivers
are due to upwind Siberian fires and will be annual like Califonia's fire season.
The climate dynamics are akin to how Amazon's fires effects seasonally vary
between Central America's droughts and Northern Europe's "bombs".

Putin: Climate Cancer

The economic sanctions against Russia are destroying its economy with projections of a 30% drop in GDP. It is not enough for Russia to admit defeat by scaling back its goals in Ukraine. A problem far bigger than destruction wrought on Ukraine is Putin's impact on climate change. If one understands "Hydrophilia: The Molecular Smoking Gun of Climate Change," one realizes that the CO2 driven closed loop of droughts>fires>floods>droughts was worsened by the invasion of Ukraine. Russian troops should have been fighting Siberian fires rather igniting CO2-generating fires in Ukraine. Also, Putin should not be flaring gas that would otherwise go to Europe.

Vladimir Putin is a climate criminal from his invasion for three reasons:

  1. All the fires are putting more CO2 in the atmosphere.

  2. The CO2 to be generated from rebuilding Ukraine after the war will tremendous, especially the production of cement which is the second largest cause of CO2 after fossil fuels.

  3. The Siberian forest fires are greater in size than the all the other forest fires combined on Planet Earth. Hydrophilia, the simple, molecular 'how' of droughts, fires and deluges, shows a closed loop of CO2 generation from

    1. Drought due to increased atmospheric CO2 soaking up water,
    2. Forest Fire (massive amounts of CO2 released from burning wood),
    3. More droughts,
    4. More Forest Fires,
    5. ad infinitum.
  4. The soldiers of Russia should be fighting forest fires, not invading Ukraine.
  5. If the tipping point has not been passed, Putin pushed humanity closer to it.

To make matters worse, Russia is burning off natural gas (flaring) at an unprecedented rate as if to tell the West "Hey, you don't want play our game, look at what we are doing with what you want." GazProm employees are killing their future.

The main reason that Russia needs to be defeated is Validimir Putin's violating the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell.

Putin should be tried in new Nuremburg trials
for being a major climate criminal
behind the CO2 Global Holocaust
caused by his war and flaring.

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