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Volunteers Rebuilding Democracy: Registration
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Volunteers Rebuilding Democracy: Registration

Please Note: Ukraine to decide how to integrate this into its reconstruction efforts
; Need ukrainian coordinator
One lifehour credit for registering
Travel and placement to be coordinated by ??
Must pay for room and board, get lfhr credits and warrants
Now or when war over
Body of trade
Ukrainian wages taken in Ukrainian lifehours.
Live with Ukrainian families, see Ukrainian B&B
Need sufficient numbers to warrant implement formal program coordinated with transportation, etc.
Time is what matters: WWII comment on money
Transport paid by self or via Transport service.
Must have independent sourc of income, e.g.,SS# or Pension. Cannot depend on Ukraine for sustenance.
All costs converted into lifehour credits (national) and Ukraine lifehour warrants with latter repayment per GDT distribution schedule.

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Volunteers Rebuilding Democracy: Registration
Eligible Trades:
  1. Bricklayers
  2. Carpenter
  3. Doctor
  4. Electricians
  5. Glazers, window
  6. HVAC
  7. Hygienists, Dental
  8. Nurses
  9. Operator, Equipment
  10. Placers, Concrete
  11. Pipefitters
  12. Roofers
  13. Timist
(To register, select trade and overwrite below test entries.)

Nation's ICANN code 2-letter, e.g.,US
Contact First Name
Contact Last Name
Organization's Name
Member Email

Registration fee based on time conversion into national lifehours:
10 minutes of worktime.

If you don't have a Timism account,

Record fees

Record fees for later repayment from the Global Democracy Tax.