PayPal's Duty to Better Democracy

Anyone who is unaware of the global decline of democracy into the depths of despotism is a person who does not read or watch the news. As part of the accelerating, synergistic existential meltdown is the radicalization of the voters into extremism. The Tools of Timism can reverse this civilization detroying trend with better democracy from brainbees and better capitalism from lifehours. Two thoughts:

  1. Behind all the social, economic, and political chaos is worsening climate hell which is driving up the cost of living everywhere.
  2. Behind climate hell is how Mother Nature cannot afford human over-population that increases CO2 sinning against life on earth.

The Primary Moral Imperative is to save life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell. Timism has developed "Add-A-Nation" whereby a nations citizens can crowdfund the Tools of Timism. At the start, all the funds donated as two-fers go into a common, general account. PayPal improve the crowdfunding by creating PayPal accounts for each nation, e.g., TimismCA for Canada or TimismFR for Frances, etc.

It is important to note that Timism, Inc., will not have access to these funds. When the crowdfunding goal is reached, Timism will initiate a lottery to select five crowdfunders for a steering committee. (rewards). PayPal will give the steering commitee the password for the funds to be used for setting up national servers for the Tools of Timism. The domain name will be Timism.?? where the ?? represents the ICANN code (which is another Timism Add-A-Nation script.)

Carrots and Sticks

  1. If PayPal creates the national accounts, it will receive 1,000,000 US lifehour credits (or about $25,000,000).
  2. If PayPal does not do this, it will be the goal of the Timists to punish the chief decision-makers at PayPal by voiding any accounts for them and their offsprings. And, PayPal employees will be barred from the Benfits of Timism