1. Climate Hell: Planet Earth becoming unable to support life.
  2. The Primary Moral Imperative is to save Life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell.
  3. Climate Hell Test: Grow the economy till we die, or, slow the economy so we live.
  4. Winning battles does not mean winning wars.
  5. Saltwater solutions quench the thirst for solving problem only to be like gas thrown on a fire.
  6. Irony of Trump Virus implementing ManHeaven Project.
  7. Get used to a Trump Virus existence as climate change is accelerating behind the headlines which will prevent any new normal except global 24/7 Climate Hell.

Climate Hell: Cancers, Criminals and Lemmings
Plebiscite Media Item
Enforcing Restrictions: No Second Chances
Mother Nature Does Not Care: Imagine virus lock-down with no vaccine hope--that is Climate Hell.
Electricity Denial: Don't incarcerate. Public announcement of electricity turned-off local news a la crime stoppers.
Lifehour fines
Virus Crisis
Right-Hand Walking Rule for Physical Distancing
Time-Slot Allocation for services based on last digit of SS# or License
Drive-up Ban Testing et al.
School Lunches and Food Distribution: Walk, Don't Drive or Deliver

Free Bus Rides: Unnecessary, Bad Policy

Member-Based 1st come, 1st serve
Long-term Re-Timing and De-Timing
Advertising: Getting people to buy things they don't need with money they don't have. Result: Unnecessary CO2
Advertising: Boycott Obnoxious, Insulting, Demeaning, Dumbing-Down
Petrophiliacs: Loving Oil Even If It Kills Us
Primary Moral Imperative: Save life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell
Win Battles, Lose War YouTube
Peaceful Protests: Yes. Violent Protests No.
Third Rails: There are several Climate Cancers that cannot be listed for a simple reason: People won't give up these wants which Mother Nature cannot afford. Anyone who suggests killing these Climate Cancers will risk their lives.