Dealey Plaza #2: Richmond, Virginia
Assassinating President vs. Killing Mother Nature

Reviewing the  proposed 34th Street traffic changes for Richmond's Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts in Richmond, Virginia, it was immediately recognized as mimicking Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, on November, 22, 1963. Both share officials forcing straight, fast, forward traffic flow into a series of turns requiring slower speed.

Dallas November 22, 1963

Richmond, pre-PHSSA Climate Cancer

PHSSA Climate Cancer

Review Homepage ... FUBAR Parking ... Miracle on 34th Street

Google can be a double-edged sword. If you start asking it questions and follow the answers, you find answers that you may wish you had never found. Photos and videos of November 22, 1963, exist for one to draw one's own conclusions.

  1. Why were Secret Service agents ordered off the Presidential limo after landing at Love Field Airport? (video of confused agent [8:40 to 8;58])
  2. The Kennedy motorcade was supposed to speed past the schoolbook depository building at 25mph which would have prevented an easy shot. Instead, it was forced to detour around the plaza, slowing down to 5 mph. (see above Dallas vs. Richmond overhead view)
  3. Who ordered the motorcade change two hours earlier? The mayor of Dallas. He was the brother of the general fired by Kennedy for the general's Bay-of-Pigs involvement. (Kennedy was called  Sunday morning at 4am with a request to authorize US aircraft to attack Cuban military repealing the Bay of Pig invaders. Kennedy also fired several high-level government officials.
  4. A disturbing picture was the Secret Service members exiting cars behind the President before Kennedy was shot. (photo was clipped when published at later dates).
    1. Was Oswald on the ground floor looking out of the doorway when Kennedy was shot?
    2. Notice the trees in front of the building which were cut down the next day.
    3. At what were the two Secret Service agents looking back.
  5. Oswald's gun prowess
    1. Was the famous picture of Oswald holding a gun "photo-shopped?" Notice his downward nose shadow compared to the oblique shadow of his body.
    2. Was Oswald an amazing human being who could shoot 3 shots from a non-automatic rifle in 5.6 seconds through trees? (The trees were cut down the following day.)
    3. The gun cited as Oswald's assassin's weapon was not the one he purchased a few weeks earlier.
  6. One can speculate why Jack Ruby, a small time re-named gangster with cancer, shot Oswald given that 15 years earlier (as Jack Rubenstein) he was on the Congressional staff of Richard Nixon.
  7. Nixon flew out of Dallas a few hours before the assassination and arrived in Boston after the assassination where he was interviewed. He is probably the only person in America who years later said he did remember where he was on November 22, 1963.  (I was playing hookie from school and playing cards when the bulletin interupted the soap opera.)
  8. The Warren Commission explained away many contradiction with the "Magic Bullet" which defied the laws of physics. A better name would be "Bumper Car Bullet."
  9. Kennedy's shattered head and brains flew backwards indicating a frontal shot, not one of a rear-entry shot downward from a sixth floor window.

In summary,

  1. Lee Harvey Osward did not order Secret Service off the President's limosine at Dallas Love Field.
  2. Lee Harvey Osward did not order Presidential motorcade to slow to 7mph to go around Dealey Plaza instead of driving by at 25mph.
  3. Lee Harvey Osward did not order Secret Service to exit car before President Kennedy was shot.
  4. Lee Harvey Osward did not shoot the the President's windshield which indicates frontal shot since no damage to car hood if downward from 6th floor..
  5. Lee Harvey Osward did not reverse the laws of physics creating a magic bullet
  6. Lee Harvey Osward did not order the trees to be cut the next day.
  7. Lee Harvey Osward did not shoot President Kennedy.

Who killed Kennedy?

Was it the CIA? Mafia? Secret Service? Nixon? Johnson? Or, a cabal of operatives from each?

Consider the range of January 6, 2021, rioters who had sworn an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution (military, veterans, police, etc.). It took only a a few of the many Kennedy-haters from public and private agencies to hatch, execute and cover-up the JFK assasination. Member of the cabal and reasons why were:

  1. Bay of Piggers
    1. Individuals fired by Kennedy in the military and state department.
    2. Ex-Cuban survivors.
  2. CIA: JFK was going rein-in rogue agency
  3. Mafia: AG Robert Kennedy investigating crime bosses.
  4. US politicians who did not like JFK

The directly and indirectly, recently or long-standing, the cabalists had shared many after-hour drinks sharing their grudges with treasonous comments followed by "wink-winks." (Author's opinion)

Observing omerta the perps were immune from discovery and incarcertation. And, with their vast wealth they have funded many disinformational perspectives on November 22, 1963. They are the true deep-state who have the money to organize on-going false flags and provateurs including the fake news that Democrats are the true deep-state. On the one hand, Will Rogers indirectly excluded democrats by saying, "I ..." Shakespear would say of the drum-beaters of deep-state that they too-much protest their innocence.

Many webpages containing damning informaton have been scrubbed. Any article or essay written one month after Kennedys' death should be read with a grain of salt. Newsmen's comments immediately after the shooting were retracted. To find the truth, one must navigate a web of lies.

Money buys a lot of lies. The color of justice is not black or white, but green. .

Echo of November 23 on January 6
When Pence’s Secret Service detail chief suggested Pence drive away from Capital, Pence said, “No. I trust you, but I don’t trust the driver.”

First of all, it is a hell of a note that the Vice President of the United States, regardless of one’s political persuasion, should fear being assassinated with help from his Secret Service detail on orders of the President.

Then and now, many know the true November 23 actors (the "Texans" as Nixon called them) but chose the course of discretion. As Teddy Kennedy responded when told he knew the truth, to wit, "They have already killed two of my brothers."

Assassin Aircraft Carriers

While specific names cannot be directly shared, however, in the spirit of the US military re-naming Confederate bases, three US nuclear aircraft carriers should be renamed because of the eponym's involvement in the organization and cover-up of assassinating the 35th U.S. President. The assasin aircraft carrieers are not Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Nimitz, Truman, Eisenhower, or Reagan. A summarized paper trail for one participant is

  1. One of three Congressmen who created the CIA in the late 1940s along with Nixon and Bob Woodward's mentor.
  2. Was the gatekeeper for the Warren Commission investigating the Kennedy assassination, that is, the person who determined what information was presented to the Commission. The commisson should have been named after this member who set the agenda and results.
  3. Became the first un-elected President of the United States when appointed Vice-President by Nixon.
  4. He pardoned Nixon "for the good of the Nation" but told Bob Woodward he did it because of their long firendship. (Me doth think CYA)

You can garner culpability of other eponyms by googling their names with CIA,JFK,Bay of Pigs, etc. There is a J. Edgar Hoover memo a few days after the assassination asking the CIA to stop an operative from interfering with the FBI investigation--google it. There are also pictures of this male at the school book depository a few hours afterwards.

(An investigative reporter needs to investigate Bob Woodward. Woodward should name now-dead DeepThroat [not Mark Felts]. And Woodward should be held accountable for the January, 2020, Trump interview where Trump said Covid was going to be very bad. Woodward, without regard for public safety, kept this tidbit for his next book published several months into the Covid pandemic. Better public response would have been done earlier to counter Trump's public pooh-poohing Covid. In other words, Woodward is responsible for many unnecessary deaths due to a his lack of jounalistic integrity. Woodward and I both served on a top secret "floating Pentagon" ship [USS Wright].  I was an electronic technican helping maintain one of the first two cell-phone systems for the President to use in war. Woodward was a CIA liaison officer. His long-standing Central Intelligence Agency connections, before college, is why he has such juicy tidbits without an extensive intelligence research team. His father, along with several other key figures, was one of only 20 people in World War Two who had top secret clearances in both the Army and Navy involving the Manhattan Project to build the atom bomb. Other double top-secret fathers beget future Presidents and Presidential candidates. Few elite clubs have had the influence on US politics as the core decision-makers in building the atom bomb.)