When millions have billions in lifehour credits, we will have a new problem-solving cyber-currency.

Encourage Facebook Friends

Remember, you receive five lifehour credits when someone cites you as the sponsor. Five lifehour credits is about $130 that can be traded and, eventually, used to pay loans, taxes and healthcare.

  1. Without more accounts, you will not be able to trade your lifehours. And, you will not be able to eventually use them to pay taxes and loans.
  2. Per Timism's business model and at maturity, Timism will have created 400 to 600 million lifehour credits with a 'market cap' of $10 to $15 billion.
  3. Normally, an entreprenuer receives a few million dollars from vulture capitalists to fund the start-up of a new company. VC's then then run the printing presses, counterfeiting billions of stock options for IPOs and for later sales into pensions.
  4. Timism bypasses VC's by conveying lifehours credits/shares into the end-users who simply support Timism's tools for better democracy and capitalism to fulfill the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on Planet Earth from climate change.
  5. 401ks are the biggest bank robbery in history. VC's and Wall Street 'divestment banks' are the un-principled reason why capitalism is a victim of identity theft.

So, spend a few minutes to encourage friends to become a Timist to save life on earth and earn some lifehour credits for your effort.