Marketing Timism: Timeline 2019
Date Focus PR Details/Links
191104 Timists: How to start new political party


New Political Party
191226 Law Firms Internet Start-up

CO2 Killer Molecule

Australia Australia,
Fairfax Schools
Richmond Schools
191106 Sierra Club


Sierra Club, CO2 for WeatherHeads, New Political Party
South Africa
191106 Weatherheads (NOAA, AMS)


WeatherHeads, New Political Party

Competition for Infrastructure Creation

191117 Brainbees:VCUvsUVA Presidents letter
College Newspapers
Subject: VCU or UVA Sample
  1. Signup ... apology
  2. Pres letter intro/RSB qualifications
  3. Business Model
  4. Brainbees (from poster/sign)
  5. Competition voting form
  6. Account info needed:
  7. Freebies: 5 lifehours and business model ... PMI
  8. table of lifehours op
... admin ... graduate students ... , Faculty email, Virginia Press
Elementary Democracy
191204 Virginia Family Dentistry, Brandermill Delivered 40 packets to Brenda, Office Manager, for giving out. Were not shared.

Marketing Checklist per focus

Media: ## stock options are yours if you sign for them

  1. examples
  2. To help you appreciate Timism's giving away stock options, you have ?? shares from following