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Big D--The Devastation of America

Big D Mega-Media Bonuses
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Bid D:

Devastating analysis delineating political and economic chaos

Numerous essays have been posted by Timism for newspapers to print. They will receive cash payment for publication costs and a lifehour credit bonus based on on being the first national or first state publisher--see Newspaper bonuses. The Big D essay is considered crucial to promote the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on Planet Earth from climate collapse.

While the normal top national lifehour credit bonus is 100,000, this special essay has bigger bonuses (see top table). Timism is organized as an internet start-up with an expected share give away of 400 to 600 million lifehour credits in the first few years to supporters of Timism's tools and concepts via web pages (see Timism home page, left top column).

Why massive Mega-Bonus lifehour credits? As Carbon Dioxide: The Global Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule is a delineation of how CO2 is the 'HIV' molecule of life as a whole on Planet Earth, Big D shows how one event accounts for the devastation of America (and subsequently humanity) from the loss of jobs to the opioid epidemic.

Modus Operandi:

  1. Essay is about four single space pages.
  2. Five daily newspapers pay the submission fee ($1000) which is a super two-fer, that is, one lifehour warrant and credit for each dollar.
  3. Newspapers must publish at least six(6) days a week.
  4. Optioners will be reviewed. The email address should be of the general manager or top editor.
  5. Newspapers will be emailed the essay at noon EST (pre-announced the previous day so all optioners have the same starting time).
  6. Lifehour credits awarded based on newspaper publishing on-line with hardcopy within 24-hours.
  7. Email with upload time. (Best bet upload then follow-up critique).
  8. Timism will upload the original later.


  1. Editing/Critiquing: Paragraphs are numbered so critiquing can be done in a separate article not within the text. Can be labeled as a Paid Advertisement.
  2. Foreign Newspapers can publish under the general newspaper bonuses guidelines with the appropriate payments.
  3. If you decide not to publish it then you at least have the 25:1 x 2 lifehours.

Exclusions to this offer are the following newspapers and their chain/subsidiaries: BHM, NYTimes, McClatchy, Observer/Guardian, and Washington Post.

A two-fer donation to Competition Pool

Receive 1000 lifehour warrants and credits
Opportunity for up to 10,000,000 lifehour credits
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