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Newspapers Lifehour Claims for 'Pre-Pay Democracy Tax'

Newspaper Lifehour Claim
for Reviewing, Pro or Con,

'Pre-Pay Democracy Tax'

Idea to be critiqued

Journalist lifehour bonuses per state: 100,50 or 25.

In order to viralize Timism's brand for better democracy and capitalism, Timism's business model encourages individuals to claim large amounts of lifehours (1,000) in some ways. In parallel, media gatekeepers can claim lifehours by critiquing Timism reforms, proposals and treatises (pro or con).

A valid media domain and media email are required. Domain name of reviewer must be same as media.

  1. All should encourage readers, listeners, viewers or members to sign up with reviewer's email address as sponsor (five lifehour credits) and newspaper as recruiter.
  2. Only newspaper domains have review options with lifehour credits.
  3. TV, radios and organizations are encouraged to critique Timism topics with rewards being lifehour credits by requesting audience members to signup with announcer's email address as sponsor (5 lifehour credits) and station as recruiter (1 lifehour credit).
  4. Follow announcements at Twitter:24in4WorkWeek to be first journalist to critique and receive larger lifehour bonus.

Journalist Claim of Lifehours Credits:
'Pre-Pay Democracy Tax'
Title of Review Article Pro ... Con
Date Published format: YYYY-MM-DD
URL of Article
Newspaper Name
Reviewer information
Nation ICANN code 2-letter, e.g.,US (State retrieved from account)
Email address


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