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I have an unusual offer for active duty military personnel that would also benefit you. I am launching an internet service that will have significant impact on public and private decision-making via "brainbees." As an aging veteran approaching my eighth decade on Planet Earth, I want Timism, Inc., ownership to be primarily allocated to active duty personnel in several ways. I have no need of the impending wealth. My business plan explains better the stock grants.

First of all, please review my qualifications to realize that I bring both raw intellect and accomplishments to the proposal. My basic bona fide is how I set a record at the largest Illinois state university (29,000), graduating not only cum laude but in two years (transcript). One semester, I ace'd 24 credit hours. Please review my Resume, Achievements, and references (proud of last one)

As you probably know, most internet start-ups borrow money from venture capitalists to implement the internet concept. The VC's receive large stock grants which they feed into the middle-class pensions at IPOs. I have my internet app (brainbees) working. I don't need VC funding.

I can do with the ownership of Timism and its intellectual property as I choose. I could sell it as a whole to another enterprise as many entrepreneurs do. Or, as I am doing, I could give the bulk of ownership to active members of the U.S. military via their signing up and claiming a "homestead bonus" of at upwards of $400,000 in share ownership.

Please note that there are both male and female bonus hierarchy observing Timism's commitment to Women 50/50 for each state. This means there are 100 $400k share grants. As noted in the business plan , by directly giving shares to the military and the middle class, Timism will not sell shares through venture capitalists IPOs.

Please note that the military has a monopoly on the homestead bonuses--see www.NavyOrArmy.com.  Thereafter, the claim to bonuses is open to the general public. The temporary filter that limits homestead bonuses also includes your domain: *@military.com. After you sign up at 24in4.com or Timism.com (for free) and click on homestead at the bottom, please claim a low value bonus, not the top ones. Timism will have a growing cash stream using the Tools of Timism to solve human problems.

You can help maximize the ownership of Timism by military personnel with a reward commisserate to your contribution.

After you have reviewed www.NavyOrArmy.com, consider one of the following options:

  1. Write up the gratis stock bonus in your regular on-line newsletter. You will be awarded 100,000 shares in Timism as well as one share for each service member who signs up in the 15-day monopoly period.
  2. Do a special email dedicated solely to service members receiving the homestead bonus for signing up. You will be awarded 200,000 shares with additional two shares for each signup in the monopoly window.

Remember, I am giving away Timism. I want a legacy of helping solve human problems rather than money going into a foundation of which the average person has not knowledge nor, importantly, benefit.

I intend to email active service members from a list I purchased. I will let you know a few days in advance of my mailing so you can help if you want. I also will be going to the Pentagon Metro Station in Washtington with a sign describing the gift.

Email me any questions. I think the software works, but you may find a bug.


Bob Barnett, ET4
3600 Anne Street
Richmond, VA 23225
804 801-2130

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