Military Personnel
Armed Forces Recruiters
Richmond, Virginia

Request: Please circulate this among your fellow recruiters


I have a gift for active duty military members for which you can not only be a recipient but helped fellow service members benefit from the offer. You can view the offer at www.NavyOrArmy.com.

In effect, you sign up for free and claim a "homestead" stock option of $20>$400k. I am launching an internet company which I am giving away. I am pushing my eighth decade on Planet Earth. I don't need the money.

There are two hierarchies for each state. Altogether, I expect in the year to give away approximatedly 400 to 600 million shares. As I created the software and company without venture capital, it is mine to give away. Please note that active duty military have a monopoly for the homestead bonus during the month of February. Thereafter, the bonuses are open to the general public.

Please note that the first service branch that to have 25,000 members vote for the branch via signing up for free will be the branch that has Timism, Inc., located near its academy with an endowment of one million shares (or about $25,000,000). This is a competition. Will you help or hamper your branch in winning the rewards? (I have posted this letter at the bottom of NavyOrArmy.com under marketing effort.)

If you have questions, please email me at demcapu@comcast.net for a meeting at Thirsty's (3500 Forest Hill Avenue) for either Sunday, Feb 3, at 2pm or Monday, Feb 4, at 6pm. I will buy you a drink.

Next week, I am approaching www.Military.com to make a pitch to promote my offer of stock grants to military personnel. You can view the offer at www.timism.org/NavyOrArmy/Military_ComOffer.htm. In your claiming your share of stock options, you will be helping me beta-test the software. I am sure it works, but one does not know until others have used it successfully.

If you take the time to review the offer, you will realize it is not a scam. Also, if you review my qualifications, you will realize I am not a dummy.


Bob Barnett (former ET4)

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