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Wanted: Injunction to Stop PHSSA Climate Cancer
An attorney is sought to seek a Federal injunction to stop the PHSSA Climate Cancer. The attorney will receive 1,000 Timism lifehour credits (about $33,000). If the injunction is granted, the attorney will receive an additional 10,000 lifehour credits. The exacerbated climate crime will worsen commuters' driving time, frustration and road rage leading to more accidents. (Application)

Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts:
A Climate Cancer

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For years, Patrick Henry has been a climate cancer in using 34th Street as the main student corridor rather than the fully functional pedestrian lights only one block away. Twice daily, drivers suffer commuting interruptus. Rocket scientists haphazardly stop traffic for students to cross Semmes Avenue. In the morning, CO2-generating vehicles stretch out almost 15 blocks to Westover Boulevard (49th street).

This is an unnecessay CO2-sin that makes PHSSA a climate cancer. (Calculated daily CO2-sin due to unnecessary stopped cars: More than one ton based on an idling car generating 0.8 ounces of CO2 per minute.) Patrick Henry Elementary School cannot claim to be a school of science based on  its climate crimes on US 60 (thus an injunction from a federal judge.). This climate cancer traffic project is an example a problem starting with a false premise and being buried under one-after-another band-aid fixes.

70 year-old Pedestrian Buttons Functioning in Front of PHSSA at Semmes, Forest Hill and Dundee

Front of School

Coqui Cyclery

Southeast Corner

Southwest Corner

Existing Parking around the Intersection: Adjacent streets have many spaces for parents to drop off students.
(Many parents park a block away and walk their kids from the east and north).
Dundee Forest Hill Southwest corner Beyond Baseball Field

PHSSA Transportation Loop, a CO2 ADHD petri dish (see Principal's letter and AlphaTrifecta)
A map of CO2-sinning and student fumigation. Climate lemmings comitting climate crimes.
CO2: Worse than second-hand smoke.

AlphaTrifecta: More CO2 means more
Autism, ADHD and Alzheimers.
Sadly, parents in idling cars say they are not changing climate. Said to leave them alone.

Crossroads Coffee Shop Patrons: Indefensible Stink and Noise
Do you want an unneeded pedestrian beacon centered in front of your seating?
1. The Forest Hill Park fence extends 80 feet past the Semmes/Dundee/Forest Hill intersection pedestrian controls.
2. In the other direction, the fence ends about 80 feet short of the Roanoke traffic/pedestrian lights.
3. Visiting Forest Hill Park is basically the same steps and safety without a pedestrian beacon costing $20k to $225k.

PHSSA precipitated an unneeded $800,000 Climate Cancer Project 

  1. 5 lanes to 1 lane on Forest Hill Avenue: Absurd FUBAR Parking
  2. Pedestrian Beacons: General and Specific climate crimes.
  3. Predictions: Climate-Driven Demise of Charter Schools and Student Busing

I support a Federal injunction to stop the PHSSA Climate Cancer at 34th Street. Commuters' Class Action Litigation: Include me as a Class Action plaintiff. Details for Lost Time and Dollars. Principal and Police Chief should implement simple changes to stop PHSSA climate crimes (Letter). -->
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294 Nt is ZZ
The idea of Stephanie Lynch cheerleading traffic safety is ludicrous given her
  1. five traffic violations,
  2. her late-night hit-and-run (supposedly to get a heater since her two-income middle-class home is not warm), and
  3. her placing a new pedestrian  light at 28th street when there was one at 26th which was convenient for her 27th street house (should have been placed at 30st (mid-point to PHSSA), and
  4. using a psycho-babble term to describe improving safety calming instead of slowing traffic. Bad definitions lead to bad results (Maybe she has a Jesus-complex as he calmed the sea.)

Medically, her facial creases and complexion belies a truth.

After her election, I delivered material on city hall corruption including her wonderful liaison. I received no response. Lesson learned: Worse than a habitual politician becoming a lobbyist is a lobbyist becoming a habitual politician.

To understand climate hell and why major forest fires are coming to RVA, visit:
Siberian Fires:
CO2 Killer Molecule:

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