Options Menu for Payables:

  1. Payables are paid FIFO (first in, first out) based on cashflow (not loans).
  2. You need be listed as a jobber, vendor or timist for entries to be processed.
  3. All entries converted into lifehour warrants that automatically adjust for inflation.
  4. Vendors limited to Product Payables. Jobbers and Timist can also enter Time Payables.
  5. 50/50 on payback, angels, patrons, helpers
  6. Patrons are paid after retirement of jobbers, timists and vendors obligations.

Jobber payable Time or Products
Vendor Product (goods or services) payable in dollars
Timism Pre-Launch Time or Products

Time Product (Goods or Services)
Payable Amount: (HH:MM or $##.##)

History of invoices ($1 extra): Yes ... No

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