Peoples' Primaries Explained

A Timist supporter enters their name as a delegate in a political race from local to global. They help prioritize who will be the final candidate.

People primaries will eliminate the money dictators who decide who appears on the ballot of the general election. Primaries are the front door of democracy with general elections being the backdoor. As is, money dictators determine who gets in the frontdoor thus making the backdoor a choice of a thieving robber or a robbing thief.

People Primaries:
Current and Future
  1. 2020 Federal
  2. 2020 States
  3. 2020 Local
  4. Congressional Colleges
  5. Departments
  6. Ambassadorships

Using brainbees, People Primaries are super-highways to government of, by and for the people.

Earn $1000's of lifehour credits for taxes, loans and healthcare.
  1. This Peoples' Primary is an important, integral part of Timism's Business Model whereby the creation of the Timists, the Party of More Time, is modeled after an internet start-up with a direct allocation of ownership to the middle-class thereby bypassing the venture capitalists.
  2. Envisioned is 400 to 600 million lifehour grants with a market cap of $10 to $15 billion.
  3. Visions without roadmaps are stop signs.
  4. Regressive Lifehour Bonuses explained at bottom.
  5. To be a Timist delegate and/or candidate, you must support (in general) the principles and platform of Timists: The Party of More Time as well as the Timism Constitutional Amendment.
  6. Brainbees for 2020 candidates begin by-weekly in January 2020. Off-year primaries begin in Spring, 2019. If you win the primary brainbee, your campaign will be managed by college students hired by Timism. Campaigning time will be minimal as the Timism's message and tools will do the trick better than the habitual political streetwalkers.
  7. State Primaries: You can submit to only one seat for the full lifehour bonus:
    Claim the biggest! For any additional submission, you receive the standard lifehour credit/warrant for a Dollar Democracy payment.
  8. Please recognize that if we have no people primaries then primaries (democracy's front door) will continue to be limited to the money dictators seeking wealthfare with general elections (democracy's backdoor) being a choice between thieving robbers and robbing thieves.
  9. Save time by using Pre-Payment for to avoid re-entry of credit card information.