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2020 Federal Peoples' Primaries for Better Democracy
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2020 Federal Peoples' Primaries for Better Democracy

Primaries Details and caveats

Democracy has a front-door and a back-door, that is, primary selections and general elections. As is, the front-door's gatekeepers are the money dictators with the citizens restricted to voting, as a rule, for the lesser of two evils.

The brainbees of Timism provides a way for the average citizen to participate in primary candidate selection from national to local. In January, 2020, brainbees will begin to determine a Timist candidate for many offices. The seven finalist will be voted on by all submitters. If no 50% winner then the top two will be voted upon in a run-off election.

To eliminate the money dictators from gate keeping the front-door of democracy at the national level, please donate a dollar for democracy for which your resume will be entered in each of the following primaries. If you have not completed your account listing of political districts, you need to do so at accounts.

Observing Women 50/50, there are two brainbees for each office, male and female.

Lifehour bonus (100) at this time for participating in these brainbees. A dollar for democracy is needed to lubricate the wheels of better democracy.

Crowdfunding Better Democracy and Capitalism with Lifehours
(Internet start-up model)
Federal Offices:( slate)
US President
US Senate from Connecticut
US Congressional District #4 of Connecticut

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