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Philantropists Wanted

Philantropists wanted for Center of Timism

What you can do

  1. Help the Primary Moral Imperative (PMI) of saving life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell.
  2. Help promote better democracy and better capitalism.
  3. Receive 1,000 lifehour credits (IPO value of $25 each) for each $25,000 lent to Timism.
  4. Acknowledgement on primary page of topic selected.
  5. In effect, you are endowing not a chair in a department but are endowing a concept for humanity and civilization in fulfillment of the PMI.
  6. Faculty member who puts up funds has rights of first refusal on being the advisor for the funded option ... nice career investment: guaranteed loan repayment, lifehour bonus, and curriculum vitae enhancement. Or, a department could form a pool like a pooled lottery with a name being drawn as to who will be the advisor. The advisor is the spokesperson for focus of the option. (If I was a young academician, I would quickly pay the $1000 reservation fee (7 days) and then a bank loan to buy the right-of-first-refusal.)
  7. Assigned Departments to topics are not set in concrete. For instance, chemistry is used when an environment department would be better. The university can assign the best fit.

What you need to do:

  1. Sign up for a Timism account.
  2. Philantropist can be individual, business, university, school, department, or a group.
  3. Select a concept or option with a reserve fee  payment of $1000 which is a two-fer. (Payment reserves right for 7 days within which to send loan amount to university.) Loan amounts are as follow:
    Interns $50k/each
    plus $75k











  4. Intern benefits: Hourly wage with lifehour bonus. Last a year (or sooner if certain criteria is met), receive lifehour grant equal to student and auto loans.

Funds Management:

  1. When money is received at university finance center (earmarked for a Timism philantropic effort), the finance center will notified the department to get names of interns and advisor to start cutting monthly payment checks.
  2. Loans will be repaid from Timism cashflow.
    1. Start-up fees: 1st one million is free with subsequent accounts paying one hour wages. With average hourly wage of about $25, each additional million accounts will generate $25,000,000 which will pay off the loans. It is unlikely that the full loan amount will be used.
    2. Brainbee fees: Millions of dollars.
    3. When cashflow eliminates loan usage along with paydown of outstanding loans, philantropists will be released from loan guaranteed savings.
    4. Quarterly repayment is from Timism cashflow and per profit-sharing allocation: If a philantropist has 2% of the outstanding loans, he receives 2% of the funds received. (Paypal, or a similar on-line payment system, will be used for payments.)
Philantropists Wanted for Loan Guarantees
to develop Tools of Timism
Tool or Concept (radio button indicates available) Department Interns Philantropist Pledged
Brainbees: Super-Highway to Government
of, by, and for the people.
AddAdd A Nation with Tools of Timism Programming 3 Available Future
Brainbee Overview Programming 7 Available Future
Citizen Legislation PoliSci 3 Available Future
Civility Brainbee Programming 7 Available Future
Democracy: Divisioning to rule (time and size) PoliSci 3 Available Future
Elementary Democracy PoliSci 7 Available Future
Internet Security Programming 7 Available Future
JobTime Business 3 Available Future
Peoples Primaries Programming 3 Available Future
Super-Brainbee: Universal Problem-Solving App Programming 3 Available Future
VoteTime: Universal, simple voting system Programming 3 Available Future
Lifehours: When millions have billions of lifehours
we will have an honest cyber-currency
Currency: Symbols or Substance Economics 3 Available Future
Food For Lifehours (app) Economics 3 Available Future
Lifehour Overview Economics 5 Available Future
Buy A Pig, Save a Farmer Economics 3 Available Future
Products for Lifehours (app) Economics 3 Available Future
24in4: Share Job Time or Jobless Crime
24in4: We can have and need to have a 24-hour workweek Economics 3 Available Future
Refinance 13: Refinance all loans with profit-sharing payback Economics 3 Available Future
Milestones in reducing workweek Economics 3 Available Future
Climate Hell: Cancers, Criminals and Lemmings
CO2: Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule Chemistry 7 Available Future
AlphaTrifecta: CO2 impact on Autism, ADHD and Alzheimers Chemistry 3 Available Future
Hurricanes for Dummies Chemistry 7 Available Future
Polar Timebomb: Endless Heatwave Biology 3 Available Future
De-electrification Penalty PoliSci 3 Available Future
Ban Drive-in Services--Massive Climate Cancers PoliSci 5 Available Future
Timism: Morality of More Time, aka, Periodic Table of Existence
Capitalism: Victim of Identity Theft Economics 3 Available Future
Tests for Philantropists
NameTest1 DeptTest1 3 Available Future
NameTest2 DeptTest2 6 Robert S. Barnett 20-07-01

Initial Interns Total: 115

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