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Carbon Dioxide: The Global, Multi-Tasking, Killer Molecule

How your beer's dynamics explain climate change, contradictions and extremes.

People describe and predict climate change, but no one explains the basic process behind all the changes.
The common denominator is as simple as the carbonation that makes beer, sodapop, and champagne.

Summary of essays on climate change since 1982 (Listing)

Rising levels of carbon dioxide are destabilizing all levels of existence on Planet Earth from basic atmospheric physics to mankind's cognitive capacity. Escalating, rapid disasters index a hockey-stick curve of CO2's synergistic acceleration of an existential meltdown of human survival.

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1 Hydrophilia: CO2 likes H2O more than H2O likes H2O. CO2 can make up to 27% of volume in carbonated water. That fact is why we have carbonated beverages like beer, champagne and soda pop. One simple fact explains most of the specific dynamic disruptions or disasters. Do you understand the principle and process of hydrophilia?
2 Droughts are due to this the fact of hydrophilia. Increased atmospheric carbonation soaks up water which dries out land as evidenced by all historic and current droughts, i.e., Global Drying begetting Global Dying. TV weatherheads should not say that dry air is preventing upper level moisture from precipitating to the ground. Rather, they should say that human-generated CO2 is soaking up the moisture like a sponge. Ironic is how this drying, dehydrating and dessicating phenomenon is exacted by a molecule which when frozen is called dry ice. (1982) Does CO2 causing droughts make sense to you?
3 OPEC Embargo: Disappearing Droughts occur when the source of CO2 stops. The Horn of Africa drought began in 1967. For nine months it disappeared when upwind Saudi Arabia, which daily burns off seven billion cubic of natural gas, cut production by 95% during the OPEC oil embargo of 1973-74. The end of the 1930s and 1950s Dustbowl droughts was due to reduced burning of natural gas at the wellheads, not better farming techniques. (Other examples are listed, e.g, 1990s East Coast droughts.) Barring the El Nino effect, California's drought could end in a few days if it ended its 'Drive for Droughts' mania. Do you see a timeline connection between CO2 generated droughts?
4 Deluges and floods result from the 'soda bottle shake' of the atmosphere when the carbonated atmosphere is saturated and agitated, usually downwind from the CO2 source, e.g., California, China, oil-fields and mega-fires. The atmosphere is a like a battery with CO2 being the charge atom that stores up water for rapid release--see Frequency Resonating Quantums(FRQs).

Droughts and deluges destroy the food-chain. They force farmers and families into increasingly crowded villages and cities from which springs the crime and terrorism now plaguing humanity. The epidemic of social, economic and political chaos becomes pandemic. (Please note that El Nino effect is synergistic with the elevated CO2 carbonation of the atmosphere.) (2000) The damage from megafires is nothing compared to the downwind flood damage from CO2-H20 saturated air masses dumping deluges that destroy homes, businesses and infrastructure, e.g., the March 2019 unprecedented multi-state flooding in the US Midwest. All wars since 1970 have been climate change wars.

[The 2020 Colorado drought and fires were a result of the upwind West Coast fires generating massive CO2 plumes which traveled downwind over Colorado. This is the pattern repeatedly documented in the Timism websegment Global Dying that lists over 15 downwind droughts beginning with the US Dustbowl of the 1930s which was downwind from the East Texas Spindletop oilfield.]

Keep in mind how carbonating water does increase its weight but not its volume. CO2 organizes the haphazard water molecules into efficient, compact structures(FRQs). Oppositely, the height of water in a carbonated beverage does not noticeably change as the CO2 dissociates into the air, leaving a liquid that weighs less and is flat to the taste buds. Do you understand how rising CO2 causes increased flooding?

5 Cloaking water is an unappreciated clue to atmospheric and climate changes. Can you see carbon dioxide in your drinks? No. Nor can you see either the transparent clusters of CO2/H2O in the atmosphere. But, in a very frequent satellite image, one can see when atmospheric CO2 binds and cloaks water into transparent FRQ clusters: The leading edge of a hurricane. When formed in mid-ocean, cyclonic systems are nice donuts. Upon encountering the CO2-generated domes by human activity at or near coastal regions, the leading edge disappears. The satellite image shows a donut that has had the landward side ripped off, but the water and hurricane forces are still present. (2003) Barometric highs and lows reflect CO2 content which echos how carbonated water weighs more than water alone (density of 1.668 g/cm3 compared to 1 g/cm3 for pure water).

[Ghost storms are unexpected storms that pop up without warning. One can see their dynamics in the lower right quadrant of a hurricane as it makes landfall. The drawn-in CO2 strips water from particulates causing the cloudless lower left quadrant. As the water-stripped particulates rotate over the ocean, they absorb water and become visible pimples expanding in size and thereby increasing the hurricane verocity. The same dynamic explains landward ghost storms, e.g., derechos.]

Can you see how CO2 cloaks water by soaking it up into transparent clusters?

6 Invisible Clouds: Global Warming from rising CO2 levels is explained by cloaking water. Readily recognized is how cloudy nights trap heat while clear nights allow heat radiation into space. What if the higher moisture is present, but is cloaked as CO2/H2O clusters? Heat is trapped by cloaky skies, both day and night. Conversely, the decreasing ratio of clouds to clear sky means that the daily sunlight reflection into space is less. This increases ground temperature. So, between nightly cloaks and daily clears, a double warming whammy is wacking Mother Nature. It has been noted that clouds are higher in the sky, that is, less present in the lower atmosphere. Since CO2 hugs the ground, CO2 cloaking explains fewer lower clouds at the lower lattitudes where CO2 sinning is greater. (The decreased cloud coverage reduces the earth's albedo making the earth dimmer as a planet.) Do you see how the age-old explanation of cloud coverage traps heat is equally true for cloaked-water coverage?
7 Fusion/Fission best describes the ying-yang of the CO2/H2O love/hate relationship. When generated by fossil fuel fools or petrophiliac oil pumpers, CO2 loves soaking up H2O causing droughts--fusion. When agitated with sudden dissociation and chain reactions, massive and violent winds are generated like the splitting of atoms--fission.

CO2/H2O fusion/fission explains increased violent atmospheric events, e.g., wind shear, micro-bursts. The California Santa Anna winds are intesified by the fission of the CO2 clusters formed from automobile combustion among other sources. Likewise with the record winds of the March 2019 Bomb Cyclone. With fission, the previously compact clusters of 1:34 CO2/H2O  clusters initiate a chain reaction in which each molecule wants its own lebensraum. (Worth remembering is how air molecules are moving [banging into each other] at 7,000-9,000 miles per hour[they don't go far, but they sure go fast].) Reflecting a broader bandwidth of dissociation factors due to the variations of particles binding the water, particulated atmospheric water have gentle, gradual precipitation. Oppositely, CO2/H2O clusters have a narrower precipitation bandwidth which means the rain and winds are condensed in a smaller area and timeframe.  This can also be called the Organic Thesis of Atmospheric CO2 (2014) or the Soda Bottle Shake.

Fission is why hail occurs on hot days as the dissociating CO2 cluster are an expanding gas which drops the temperature like the expanding gas in your home or car air conditioner. Moisture condenses into hail as the temperature drops.

Buttressing the fission proposal are columbonimbus clouds. On a different timing rate, this is an echo, a self-similarity of a nuclear fission explosion.

  1. From where does this suddenly visible cloud come?
  2. Why is it is lighter and rising despite being colder than its originating source?
  3. Why later electrical storm?
Why? Simple electrical and chemical principles which really have no fixed boundaries. (For this TOEist, it re-enforces that Timism is the periodic table of existence, that each level is cut from a master jigsaw pattern.)

An extreme, immediate and short-lived example of this aggitation/dissociation is a Jet Vapor Cone. An accelerating jet can create an atmospheric pressure disparity that results in the sudden appearance of moisture. Where did this prevously invisible water come from? From the transparent FRQs. The same dynamics are seen on tip of propellers.

Do you see how CO2 atmospheric ying-yang dynamics are similar to nuclear fusion/fission?

8 Polar Timebomb, aka, Bomb Cyclone 2019 describes  a sequence of earlier, deeper and lengthier polar blasts as well as more rapidly disappearing polar ice cap, e.g., the March 2019 Bomb Cyclone. The CO2-laden jet stream wiggling over the polar regions not only fuses greater amounts of cold or frozen moisture but, thereby, prevents the annual replenishment of the polar ice cap. Due to the greater density of compact CO2/H2O clusters (compared to haphazardly particulated water of clouds), polar blast travel closer to the equator. When the polar ice cap is gone, its demised modulation of heatwaves will result in a massive, unending heatwave that will destroy the foodchain in the Northern Hemisphere with an ELE--extinction level event--within 18 months. (2006) Do you see how worsening winter weather is not a rejection of climate change but is an additional affirmation and further cause for concern?

Simultaneous with the polar icecap melting is the melting of glaciers which increases earthquakes and volcanos. When glaciers form, at a certain point, their weight begins to compress the earth's crust one foot for every three feet of ice. When glaciers melt, this compression of the earth's crust (proportionally 1/4 of an eggshell's thickness) is reversed. The rising crust under melting glaciers pushes out causing new and old stresses on plate tectonics. The increase in grade 4 and 5 earthquakes is well-documented as well as earthquakes where they were not supposed to happen due to old plate dormancy. If a super-volcano erupts, e.g., Yellowstone which 600,000 years ago covered the U.S. west of the Mississippi River with several feet of volcanic ash, the culprit will be CO2, the Killer Molecule.

9 CO2/Particulate Ratio: Much advertising proclaims clean natural gas as being better than coal. Such ads are akin to anyone who claims improved health by removing all the bacteria from your intestinal track. As lower prices increase usage of both natural gas and automobile gas in conjunction with closing 'dirty' coal plants, the CO2/Particulate ratio in the atmosphere changes. As the ratio rises so will droughts and deluges rise in frequency and size. (2015). Petrophiliacs chanting clean fuel are increasing the frequency of local lottery winners of global warming. As said in my original 1982 paper, 'CO2 is a negative cloud seeding agent' (page 7). More CO2 means more droughts and deluges. Furthermore, the few homes destroyed by massive megafires is nothing compared to the downwind millions and billions of dollars in destruction of homes, businesses and infrastructure from CO2-driven deluges, e.g., the US Midwest March 2019 massive, multi-state flooding. Claims of clean CO2 is like claims of clean HIV.

[Also in the original 1982 paper--Oil Droughts--it was stated at the beginning of the 2nd paragraph that oil companies knew the trajectory of CO2-caused climate change. Recent lawsuits from state attorney generals confirm this conclusion with corporated documents from the late 1950s. Like tobacco executives hiding cancer from smoking, oil execs put greed before green. Petrophiliacs are climate criminals.]

10 Hurricane for dummies describes how the CO2/H2O love/hate relationship reduces the formation of hurricanes but magnifies those that do form. Thus, the world sees fewer, but more devastating cyclonic system. Normally, the US East Coast seasonally sees five or more hurricanes. In both 2014 and 2015, there was only one hurricane, each of which was significantly more powerful than the average hurricane. (2002) We need normal hurricane seasons. Any weatherhead or news mediac who cheers 'no hurricanes' is not looking at the full, long-term picture: dry wells, famines, riots and revolution. Yes?
Carbonation of the oceans is killing coral as well as many other life forms. Yes?
11 Bees Dying, Colony Collapse can be ascribed locally to pesticides but globally to to CO2's dessicating hydrophilia. Rising CO2 levels dehydrate bees causing them to either imitate Syrian migrants or succumb to opportunistic diseases. One can see this in one's garden: When I mist in the morning, I have more bees in my garden ( (2007) To reduce infestations in our homes, we run de-humifiers to prevent moisture attracting bugs. In 2018, a massive die-off of insects world-wide was happening: The cause? CO2 dessication of living beings, beginning with the smallest ... a self-similarity echoing how the poor are bearing the brunt of rising CO2 killing life on earth. Yes, I can see how rising levels of CO2 not only causes farmland droughts but insect internal dryness by dessication.
12 Evolutionary Bias describes how less evolved species (from their origins in the carboniferous period) are thriving while more evolve metabolic systems suffer. Ragweed, poison ivy, kudzu and bedbugs are zooming along. Hardwood trees and hard grains are suffering along with bees and bats. Increased CO2 favors the metabolism most akin to earlier earth environments of higher CO2 levels. This is seen in the oceans with the invertebrates thriving and vertebrates decreasing. Evolutionary bias can be seen within the cells as the ratio of carbohydrates to protein has decreased causing cereal manufacturers to alter their manufacturing processes to account for less of the more evolved metabolic molecule. (2003) Rising CO2 levels increase the impact of mosquitos, bedbugs and viruses: Zika! Yes, maybe ... I hope it is not true.

(Based on this researcher's iCube (integrity of intellect and intelligence), it is his considered conclusion that rapid mutations of the Covid virus, aka, the Trump virus, are catalyzed by higher CO2 levels. These exponentially rising mutations will not only increase rate of spread but will increase resistance to vaccines. The new abnormal will be more abnormal. After all, milk sours the same in South Carolina as in South Africa. [210122])

13 Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny describes how an individual (ontogeny) develops from a simple egg to a complex being that reflects the specie's evolutionary journey (phylogeny). In a human's uterous development, it goes through the less evolved stages of specie's development. Evolutionary bias shows up as faster development of the earlier stages with a lower final maturation level. One can see this in one's garden as plants mature faster but yield less. Or, one can see in the earlier onset of human puberty with a lowering of final maturation. Yes, this may be one of the answers for earlier puberty.
14 AlphaTrifecta (Autism, ADHD and Alzheimers) describes the human impact of rising CO2 levels on the most complex metabolic process on Planet Earth, the human brain. Increased CO2 levels effect an increase in the Triple-A's as well as allergies and asthma from more virulent primitive pollen/mold plants. What is the common denominator of increased dementia in people living downwind from power plants, people living near highways, people smoking cigarettes and people riding farm tractors? A constant higher CO2 parts per million in each breath.  Yes, global warming may also be global dumbing. (2003)
14a The 'wet bulb' warning, a rapidly approaching climate hell cliff: When the electricity goes out eliminating air conditioning, this Law of Mother Nature will have people placing their dead obese family members in the street for community pickup and mass graves. Like ICU rooms for the infected non-Vaxxers, there won't be enough funeral homes for those CO2-sinners who ate too much [including this 70-pound overweight blimp].
15 Infrastructure Inflation: Only a fool, igknowamus, or liar measures inflation in funny numbers on funny paper, mere symbols of our worktime that are readily manipulated by habitual politicians and economic streetwalkers, aka, necronomists. The true, eternal cost of living is the time we must work to have the necessities of life. Time is the universal constant that transcends the boundaries of centuries and borders. Time is the thread in the fabric of life.

Who cares what the money is called. Would you rather be a millionaire who has to work 16 hours a day for only a loaf of bread, or, a shoeshiner whose $1/hour wages byes a loaf of bread, a pound of kielbasa, and three pickles (which was what this writer earned and ate in the 1950s as shoeshine boy).  What counts is whether you are having to work more or fewer hours for your daily bread.

Inflation indexes the rise in worktime to buy your needs. As time inflation increases, one's time is cheapened as one has less free time to enjoy life. Inflation cheapens one's financial savings: When one saves 100 workhours of wages in a bank account only to find later that the savings will only buy 50 hours of goods and services, that is real inflation. Forget the funny numbers on funny paper--fools and their time soon part.

Since 1980, annual US household income rose in funny numbers on funny paper. During the same period, to maintain the 1980 middle-class standard of living, the household has had to annually work 12 more weeks--almost a 25% inflation or cheapening of the middle-class time. (One must remember inflation's cheapening is echo'd in its semantic cousins: flattery [cheap compliment] and flatulence [cheap doodoo].

Rising CO2 causes widespread time-wasting problems at all level of earthly existence. These worsening, time-cancers are infrastructure inflation affecting everyone, especially the poor individuals and nations. People are igknowant, choosing to win economic battles but lose the environmental war of saving life on earth from global dying. Low information thinkers argue we can't economically afford to fight climate change: French yellow-vest protesters wanting a reversal of a climate fuel tax.

16 Hate Crimes and Mass Killings: As inflationary cheapening of life accelerates, it will be matched by the rise in hate crimes and mass killings. A percentage of low information thinkers without hope will be people who blame others for their plight. CO2 is a multi-dimensional killer molecule akin to the missing horseshoe nail that led to the loss of a war.
17 Accelerating, Synergistic Existential Meltdown: In terms of CO2 destroying life on earth, the cost of humanity to Mother Nature has two parts, the Cost of Living and the Cost of Lying. The former is the CO2 generated for the necessities of life while the latter is the CO2 metastasized from our unneeded wants about which we lie to ourselves as to their importance.
  1. Rebuilding after warfare(see Humanity wants to rebuild after the destruction of towns and cities, but the CO2 generated from rebuilding speeds up global warming, especially the production of cement which is the 2nd largest source of man-made CO2 after burning fossil fuels.
  2. Rebuilding after fires, floods, tornados and floods: The destruction of towns and cities by these disasters is followed by people wanting to rebuild (sometimes two or three times) which generates CO2 that speeds up climate change, chaos and catastrophes.
  3. Building for the sake of building to fight unemployment with deficit-spending.
    Global Warming test:
    1. Grow the economy till we die.
    2. Slow the economy so we live (24in4).
  4. Humanity is the dog chasing its tail going nowhere. Of course, we are busy. But what are we busy at? We are busy at commiting suicidal extinction at a faster and faster.

Because we want big families and we want to live forever, we igknow the consequences. Like the immediate, inevitable accelerating sinking of the Titantic after striking the iceberg, because of humans wanting to over-populate and over-medicalize, we are on a hockey-stick curve of self-destruction. Mengeles killed thousands in the German Holocaust. Medical personnel, today, are killing humanity in the Global Holocaust.Today's climate change refugees (2018) of 100 million will be a billion in a few years. Where do they go? They go to fight and kill each other causing more destruction which humans want to rebuild. (In March, 2019, millions of US citizens in the Midwest were added to the roles of climate change refugees from the Bomb Cyclone and its aftermath.)

18 Timistic Analysis: (also see True cost of fossil fuel)
  1. In principle, we buy a car to save time and money in traveling for needs and wants.
    1. If the car breaks down frequently, the car's total, final cost increases.
    2. The car repair costs represents a hidden downwind cost which drives up overall cost.
    3. At a certain point of frequent repairs, the car is like a home purchase with an initial fixed rate mortgage that balloons up beyond the buyer's income to pay off the loan.
    4. A cheap car with expensive repairs is like a loan shark who keeps raising the interest rate so the borrower is forever in debt.
  2. In principle, we buy gasoline to save time. If we walk at 5mph, it will take 12 hours to walk 60 miles. But, at 60mph in a car, we cover the distance in 1 hour. The gasoline saves 11 hours.
    1. If the purchased fossil fuel causes money-draining droughts, fires, deluges and floods then the real gasoline costs should include the cost of these disasters along with food inflation from destroyed farms.
    2. The downwind time costs of gasoline are like a home loan with a ballooning mortgage rate.
  3. The gas pump purchase price of fossil fuels is a loan downpayment on an adjustable loan with a non-limited interest rate. The final, total cost (in time) is the escalating, accelerating damage from the climate change caused by our CO2 sinning. Mother Nature is a loan shark who has no problems fire-bombing, maiming, and killing humans that make loans they should not make.
  4. The 2015 cheap gas prices initiated the numerous violent deluges that cost trillions of dollars throughout the world.
  5. Anyone who claims economic reasons for not legislating lifestyle changes igknows the costly economic destruction wrought by Mother Nature.
  6. A cradle-to-grave analysis of the time-savings of fossil fuels shows we are globally losing more time/wealth than is being saved. The once positive ratio of time savings is now an accelerating negative ratio as we have passed the tipping point. If we have passed the recovery point then it does not matter what we do, but we should change our lifestyles so that if there is enough time left that we use it wisely and timely.
  7. Timism channels Mother Nature, that is, the Calculus of Reality based on the Math of Mother Nature.

In summary, carbon dioxide's hydrophilia is the common denominator to a whole range of disasters on Planet Earth. It is the global, multi-tasking killer molecule. If we are to reverse the accelerating, synergistic meltdown of our existence, we must change our lifestyles. This cannot be done without better politics and economics. Otherwise, the demise of the American middle-class will presage chaos from which no concerted action can take place. Like the Syrian refugees, we won't care about climate change as we fight for our next bite of food and sip of water.

To reverse Climate Hell, two silver bullets must be fired and a golded dagger plunged into the heart of climate cancers. Otherwise, what needs to be done will not be done. (Why? We make bracket lists when we should be making bucket lists.) Who will tie the bell on the old cat's tail. Not the habitual politicans.

New leaders are needed without the garbage dumps of politicial IOUs, e.g., the 130+ Republican hypocrites who claimed election fraud culminating in the Janary 6, 2021, assault on the sanctuary of modern democracy. And, these re-election addicted Republicans will not alienate their Trumpies by convicting America's would-be Hitler, Donald J. Trump. In times of worsening habitual problems, the only worse than not voting is voting for a habitual politician. No better reason for term limits exists than America's Reichstag fire.

Carbon Dioxide: The Global, Multi-Tasking, Killer Molecule
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