Universal Human Problem-Solving Brainbee:
All 230+ Nations, 3600+ states, and any municipality
Primaries of the People, by the People and for the People
to optimize democracy and capitalism so that
politicians will make good policies so
the polity in the polis will be polite
without police

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Brainbees are spelling bees: Participants compete to spell out the best issue or individual for solving a problem--see brainbee. At the deadline, submissions are randomly grouped in sevens. The group members receive the group submissions. In the email "Subject" line is "Votes=" where one types the item numbers in the likable order. Last, click "reply" for votes to be machine tallied without any human review. Votes are weighted: 6,5,4,3,2,1. The top one or two vote-getter(s) go to next brainbee level. And, the cycle repeats until seven finalists. Any political unit wishing to use the Super Brainbee can do so by creating a list of the applicable options--see details.

In times of worsening habitual problems, what is worse than not voting?
Voting for a habitual politician.

Term limits terminate habitual problems.

While originated by Bob Barnett, brainbees are the property of humanity to be used within the context of Timism.com
for better democracy and better capitalism. Timism, Inc., is designed to be a public trust with revenues
going into the general funds of the source levels via profit-sharing taxation.
As such they are copyrighted for humanity.

Woe be unto one who would subvert
the Primary Moral Imperative.