Investers Review of Brainbees

Super-Brainbee: Test and QC examples

For a limited time, one can explore the range and power of brainbees with this table.

  1. It is set up with default variables: US, and INDIVIDUAL for every nation.
  2. The test data includes "submissions" from Timism's collection of soundbytes. In practice, submissions come from end-users for elections, ideas and polls (the three basic types of brainbees).
  3. After initiating one of the brainbee samples, the visitor is encouraged to manually do the math on the examples printouts that determine the winner(s) of each cyber-classroom.

You are encouraged to change the nation and test different options. Signup and then enter your information to see, again, the range and power of brainbees. As noted elsewhere, expats escaping political or social chaos can have an expat account to help implement better democracy in their home country.

The most important brainbee for fulfilling the Primary Moral Imperative of Saving life on Planet Earth is Grassroots Gerrymandering.

To show the universality for you, as an individual, signup and substitute your nation, email address and password for the defaults.

Primary Brainbees

Submissions (Triggers)


Election, One winner, No Run-off 49 ... 343 ... 2401 6 to 2400 Zero-Cost Primaries (forced single winner)
Election: Run-off, No Winner with 50%+ 49 ... 343 ... 2401 Run-off, no finalist with more than 50%
Citizen Legislation(Polls): Seven Finalist 49 ... 343 ... 2401 Citizen Legislation, Class Actions, Pardons
Rankings: Top 49 submissions 49 ... 343 ... 2401 Commissions, Surveys, JobTime, MarketTime
Civility Brainbees
Deadlines Civility or Primaries
Zero-Cost Primaries mod 7
Grassroot Gerrymandering:
Re-defining political hierarchies
from the bottom.


Creating new policy-making hierarchies:
  • Climate Saviors
  • Democracy Defenders
  • De-electrifiers (teams and cities)
  • Jabber Democracy
  • Timists
Increment 6 to 2402

If you have an account, replace the default test variables.

Member Email:

These parameters define a brainbees existence.

Timism Totals (Income, Lifehours, Population, Supporters, Credits/Warrants and Transactions): Revu ... Process.

Brainbees are the super-highway to government of, by and for the people. They will generate cashflow from several variations.  (Brainbee Features)

  1. Boycotts: As reading is the most economic form of happiness so are boycotts the most economic form of reforms.
  2. Citizen Legislation: Monthly brainbees at local, state and national level to provide citizen pipeline for a true "re-presenting" government.
  3. Civility Brainbees: Reduce mob mentality and increase academic productivity.
    1. Columnists: Let reader/commentators prioritize best comments.
    2. JobTime: Cut cost of hiring people up to 90% with Timism receiving 1% of annual income.
    3. MarketTime: Tap the minds of your buyers.
  4. Conspiracy Theories of the Month: Debunking top seven (De-Electrifying Liars).
  5. Crowdfunding nations
  6. De-Electrifying Liars
  7. Grassroots Gerrymandering: The coolest way to terminate habitual politicians.
  8. Idea Lottery: Idea supporters receives 60:1 return and lottery entry.
  9. Level Rights: Human rights requires political power and profit-sharing taxation to be allocated to the level of problem origination, grassroots to global.
  10. Nation Building: Each account has dual nationality.