Inevitability: Timists is a public policy-making process derived from the Principles of and Tools for the Morality of More Time. As a better time creator for people, it will increasingly outcompete and outlive the moribund, dyed-in-the-wool, archaic political parties per the calculus of reality based on the math of Mother Nature: Survival of the fittest.

Timists: New Party
The Party of, by, and for
More Time

A new political party is proposed, Timists: The Party of More Time.  Below is the planks of the Timist platform for better democracy, better capitalism and better morality. Please click each plank.

This form is both a Idea Lottery and a Grassroots Gerrymandering Brainbee. You will have a chance at the Idea Lottery reward extant at the time of its activation with 1,000,000 supporters. In addition, your qualifications as a public policy-maker will be included in the brainbee competition.

Brainbees: A valuable, new social media that will generate millions in revenue from private and public organizations. The Super Brainbee provides standardize public problem-solving for all public policy-making on earth based on two unique variables: The countries ICANN two-letter code and the postal code of the building in which the policy-making occurs. Brainbees are the super-highway to government of, by and for the people.
People Primaries: Campaign brainbees for a better front-door to democracy to stop the money dictators monopoly in selecting general election candidates. Three levels of primary brainbees: National, States and Localities. Earn lifehour credits in Timism for being a primary brainbee voter selecting the finalists, perhaps you.
Business Model directly gifts middle-class workers with a new, problem-solving cyber-currency: the Lifehour. When millions have billions in lifehour shares, we will have a problem-solving cyber-currency.
Primary Moral Imperative: Save life on Planet Earth from climate change. Originator first wrote in 1982, predicting worsening droughts with downwind deluges and flooding ... the new norm. The best overview and explanation of climate change you can read is Carbon Dioxide: The Global Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule. Global warming is also global dumming, see AlphaTrifecta for how rising CO2 increases autism, ADHD and alzheimers.
University competitions for Infrastructure Creation with intellectual and financial rights to key concepts of Timism: 24in4 ... Brainbees ... Elementary Democracy ... Lifehours ... VoteTime.
24in4: A viable plan to solve many social and economic problems. Either we share job time or jobless crime. By better employing our human potential, we can have a 24-hour workweek in 4 years with more funds and fun for self, family and community in a safer, saner world.
Lifehours: A new, problem-solving cyber-currency created as people vote support on-line for the Tenets and Tools of Timism.
VoteTime: A simple, secure, multi-featured voting system using old computers and scanners. Good for any nation in the world.
Scalability--Add a Nation: Timism apps are designed so that replacing a few variables can make them work in any country with the Super Brainbee.
Complexity--Garbage Dump or Snowflake?  Timists, The Party of More Time, is derived from a half-century of research to definine existence by quantifying everything as units of time, that is, Timism: The Morality of More Time. Timism is a T.O.E.

I support the goals and tools of Timism for a new political party.
Apply to be an elementary school district Timist supporter.

Idea Lottery at 1,000,000 submissions ... Media Critique

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