Trading lifehours limited before the Timism's LBO/IPO date
(Leverage Buy Out of Habitual Politicians)
or until 10,000,000 active supporters.

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Lifehours Trading

Buying, Selling and Transferring

Basically, owners of lifehours warrants (as opposed lifehour credits) list the number of shares they want to sell at a price. On a monthly basis, excess cash from the prior month is traded for shares beginning with the lowest sales price until the buyback funds are exhausted. The submission deadline is the 1st day of a new month with the cash available being from the month prior to the last month.

Email Example of Lifehour Trades

Lifehour Transferring
Earned by building Timism via a number of ways.
Recipient and Source may be individual, government, business or non-business.
This the form for paying for timism services, e.g., healthcare or lifehour loans.
Source Email Address
Source Password:
Lifehours to transfer

Credit ... Warrant

Recipient's EmailAddress

A flat tax is exacted on all lifehour trades at the rate of national tax--see tax reform.

This is a the basis for an honest inter-national exchange rate with the basket of currency upon which a country's currency is based being the total basket of human problem-solving within that country.

The Primary Moral Imperative:
Save Life on Planet Earth
from Climate Hell.

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