Grassroots: virus, lunches, safety, food distribution, export, repeat PPP inequities, vaccine democracy, boycott CVS/Walgreen, where's Biden--or,is it samo-samo.

Vaccine Democracy

  1. Why create a new structure from the grass
  2. PPP fiasco
  3. Model for other grassroot re-timing of existence to save existence: community policing, school meals, etc.

Existing healthcare providers are already overtaxed.

CDC Things-To-Do: Videos, manuals and tests for Timism-paid volunteers

Boycott/Deny WalgreenCVS: The selection of these two giant pharmacies echos the corruption of the Payroll Projection Plan. They need to commit to Timism'sVaccine Democracy. Otherwise:

  1. Consumers are urged to boycott both firms in preference for other sources, WalMart and grocery pharmacies.
  2. Neither company will be allowed to transact Timism's cyber-currency, the Lifehour.
  3. Employees of both companies will not be allowed Timism benefits, e.g., loan refinancing and community healthcare.
  4. Ibid., for company executives, directors and family members.

Please choose which duty do you want to perform for Vaccine Democracy. First seven become district steering committee and select a represenative for the next lvel via a brainbee.

Bus Drivers (CDL)
HVAC engineers
Security (former MP/SP, police, infantry or Marines) Shot Givers (Veterans trained as medics or corpsmen)


memberemail and password

Help wanted: visit Vaccine: Bus drivers, retired (corpmen and medics), security,