Food Ad Hoc Distribution Problems and Solution:
Pseudo Super-Markets

The old and new food distribution services in response to the massive dysemployment from the Trump Virus has many problems.

  1. Climate Hell contributor by having long-lines of drive-up, idling lines of CO2 sprewing cars.
  2. Dishonesty: Many employed people are receiving food.
  3. Multi-site Hop-Scotching Visits: Many unemployed people visit numerous food distribution sites since they have little else to do and can do social media while sitting in line.
  4. Wasted Food: Normally 30%-40% of food is wasted in the U.S. Giving people bags of food which they did not select results in a lot of throw-away. (I have seen a neighbor's family exchanging food on a Friday afternoon after visiting sites. The trashcan was nearby and all were employed.

    One can visit food-pick distribution (not grabbags of various foods) and see the orphan food items that no one wants. Orphan foods packed in bags are likely trashed. And, many food donators take the tax credit on foods they cannot sell.
  5. Non-sustainable: As time goes by the economic strain of the 2nd Republican Depression will close down upstream food donators.

The solutions are simple beginning with Governor's Letter food distribution. Pending the development of the Food for Lifehours system, all food distribution should be thru a public facility, e.g., a high school as a temporary pseudo super-market.

  1. Food-seekers get a Timism account with 100 lifehour credits which they use to pay for individually selected food items.
  2. Per staggered time-slot schedule, food-seekers drive-up, park and walk-in to get a grocery cart to go down the line(s) of available foods. (Grocers will donate 10% of carts to venue.
  3. At the check-out table, food-seekers pay with lifehours.

This pseudo super-market will be temporay as grocers implement the Food for Lifehours system of food payments. Benefits:

  1. Stop drive-up systems violating the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell.
  2. Stop dishonesty of un-documented multi-site visits.
  3. Reduce food waste.
  4. Promote better economic currency that benefits the dispossessed.

I support the establishment of Pseudo Super-Markets with payments via Lifehours.