"U.S. faces shortages of up to 8 billion meals in next 12 months, leading food bank says," Washington Post, Oct 2, 2020.
"Catholic Charities: Urgent food donations needed at food banks," WTOP, Oct 23, 2020
"Stealing to survive: More Americans are shoplifting food as aid runs out during the pandemic," Washington Post, Dec 10, 2020.
Food banks have seen record increases in need as donations and volunteers decline.
Yemen today, America tomorrow

Without a replacement of the food banks with a process integrated into the existing foodchain,
grocery stores will be victims of mass riots, vandalism and theft.
Grocers should participate to prevent total loss of business.
And, grocers should participate to gain lifehours
that will be spent at food lines.

In other words, do you want food buying power diverted from your checkout counters?

Food For Lifehours

Food lines are to an organized food distribution system as a barter economy is to stable currency. Barter is quaint and picturesque but it is not sustainable in an economy that grew as a result of a stable currency without inflation. Food lines a poor stop-gap for a multitude of people who did not save for rainy days and who did not stock-pile essential foods all the while eating out all the time when they were not having food delivered. Many put their food dollars into their pants rather than their pantries, i.e., 70% are overweight or obese.

Where it not for the increasing evidence of self-destructive people escalating to social destructiveness, i.e., protests without productive focus, it would not matter that they slept in the bed they have made. But, it matters in terms of the Primary Moral Imperative to save life on Planet Earth from climate hell. Drive-in food lines are a climate cancer as nation-wide 100,000's of people sit in their CO2 generating cars as they inch forward in their late model vehicle which neither they nor Mother Nature could afford. Dollars-to-donuts, most of these unemployed hungry people have car payments they cannot pay. And, probably monster TV screens to watch sports, soaps and sex.

Timism offers an on-line system whereby the needy can garner lifehours thru the signup voting process for the short-term and thru NUSA services in the long-run. Grocery stores will be encouraged to sell essentials for lifehours which can be used to pay vendors, taxes, and loans. Timism will provide 5,000,000 lifehours to first national chain to commit to selling essentials in exchange for lifehours. Thereafter, the lifehour reward is halved for each additional signup.

It is worth noting that early currencies were tied to the time of food production--ancient currencies. Timism is following this historical precedence.

Additional Information

  1. Essential, allowable foods list
  2. Create trade "Food for Lifehours" script page for grocery chain or mom-and-pop.
  3. A Timism Food card will be created for ease of payment like an EBT card.


Burnell Cotlon, Burrell's Grocery, Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Mr. Cotlon started keeping a Depression-era sheet of money lent to customers so they could buy food. For his good deed, a GoFundme raised over $300,000 by April 25, 2002. When the media attention and donations fade, Burrell Grocery can benefit from Timism's Food-for-Lifehours software.

With Timism Food-for-Lifehours

  1. Customers acquiring lifehours via signup and then doing needed community services via the NUSA program.
  2. Burnell program has lifehours for vendors, taxes, loans, and other essential needs.

It is important to note that without a replacement of the food banks with a process integrated into the existing foodchain, grocery stores will be victims of mass riots, vandalism and theft. Grocery chains should participate in order to prevent losses from total loss of business.

I support Food-For-Lifehours.

Food for Lifehours
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