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Vaccine Distribution of Trump Virus by Timism

Timism seeks to be the primary distributor of a vaccine to stop the Trump Virus. Per the plan, supporters of the Tools of Timism for better democracy and capitalism will be allowed to purchase 50% of the vaccine in the order of their GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Active researchers of a vaccine can claim rights of first refusal to Timism's payment. An upfront payment of lifehours begins at one million lifehour cyber-currency to the first verifiable research organization. The upfront fee halves with each additional vaccine developer. When the first vaccine is released to the public, Timism will pay an additional 5,000,000 lifehours to the vaccine developer which would have a street value of $125,000,000.

Members will pay the vaccine developers the developer's fair market value as well as one lifehour. Thus, if 100,000,000 people receive the vaccine via Timism, the vaccine developer will receive $2.5 billion in addition to the fair market value.

Caveat: Any vaccine developer that does not use Timism's plan to prioritize delivery of the vaccine to supporters of better democracy and capitalism will be a company in which all employees  will be relegated to Timism's deadzone: No benefits to employees or family members: No loan refinancing and no community service for healthcare costs.

Virus Researchers: Is anyone else offering you the multi-faceted bonuses that Timism is offering?
  1. The Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell.
  2. A safer, saner world in which to spend your bonuses--see 24in4.
  3. The Tools of Timism for better democracy and better capitalism.

By 50-50 profit-sharing the vaccines, the generated publicity will encourage more people to sign up to support better democracy and better capitalism. Remember, capitalism is a victim of identity theft: Wall Street hijacked terms and tools of capitalism to decapitalize American and decapitate American jobs--'Decapitalism: Economic Bloodshed.

I agree that supporters of better democracy (brainbees) and better capitalism (lifehours) should have prioritized vaccine rights.