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Brainbees Overview: Optimizing the spelling out of problem definitions and solutions.

  1. Brainbees are like spelling bees wherein people spell out problems and solutions with Timism shares for winners.
  2. Brainbees are blind to the subjective limitations of old policy-making processes.
  3. They are like printing presses that automatically reproduce information without knowledge of or concern for the information. Brainbees automatically re-present information in a peer-review, meritocratic, organic hierarchy.
  4. Brainbees are the embodiment and essence of how the brain works and how demo cratia works.
  5. Brainbees take advantage of how every human decision-making process (from local to global, public and private) can be uniquely qualified by two variable: ICANN code and postal code of building where decisions are made.
  6. Timism is turnkey, shovel-ready for almost 200 nations, 3600 states and 24,000 districts/cities.
  7. Brainbees are the super highway to government of, by, and for the people.
  8. As computerization in the 1990s cut the cost of bookkeeping, accounting, logistics and inventory by up to 90%, brainbees will do the same to most brick-and-mortar economic despotism.
  9. Brainbees are the cash cow of Timism.
  10. Brainbees will generate about 4 cents (US) per transaction as millions of people participate, e.g., Idea Lotteries and elections.
  11. Timism signup is free. Supporters receive 100 or more Timism shares ($30/IPO if US). They receive a limited number of gratis transactions tokens called lifeminutes. Thereafter, they buy 60 tokens for one hour of wages for which they will receive 60 Timism shares. Try it--signup.
  12. Brainbees require people to participate at least once-a-month in on-line democracy or their account is deleted.
  13. Brainbees can be used for zero-cost primaries and citizen legislation, job hiring, etc.
  14. The greatest brainbee is the “grassroot gerrymander" which can be best describe as "block-chaining democracy."
  15. Jabber Democracy is a needed grassroot democracy for humanity to simplify basic community healthcare needs.
  16. Brainbees are immensely educational.
  17. Brainbees speak truth to power, growing in loudness with each higher level, rewarding the speaker with more lifehours as well as the rest of humanity.
  18. One navigates to the optimal focus and level of the problem (level rights).
  19. In the basic cyber-classroom of seven participants, one learns how others define and would solve the problem.

Examples: Please note that these are all nations, states and districts/cities.

  1. Citizen Legislation: Monthly generation of 7 issues for political CEO (president, govenor, mayor) to review and present to legislative process. Courts rule constitionality. Monthly pardons presented to political CEOs.
  2. Zero-Cost Primaries (public) and JobTime(private): Division by seven of participants until 7 finalists with runnoff of top two if no 50% winner.
  3. Civility Brainbees:
    1. Before public meetings, people wishing to speak submit topic and are prioritized by other submitters. Reduces mob rule by the loudest mouth.
    2. Educaional seminars so speaker is able to prepare better.
    3. Columnists: Let the readers prioritize and learn so columnists don't wade thru feedback garbage.
  4. MarketTime: Simple way to let customers prioritize feedback.
  5. Daily News: National, state and local reports/investigations with morning submissions and two-vote cycle. Columns limited to need and work, no play or wants.
  6. Boycotts: Monthly at national, state and local level.

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