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Grassroots Gerrrymandering:
Better Problem-Solving and a DAO sine qua non

Gerrymandering describes how habitual politicians draw election maps so their party's candidates are elected. The term originated in 1812 when Massachusett Governor Elbridge Gerry approved a district that looked like a salamander (Smithsonian article with map).

Besides providing for existing dinosaur districts, Timism provides a special brainbee to create problem-solving districts without traditional political boundaries to foster shared understanding and combined action: Grassroot Gerrymandering. While Grassroot Gerrymandering works in traditional political boundaries to obviate the status quo, the most important one will be Continental Grassroot Gerrymandering. It will be ultimate DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), creative rather than cancerous of human integrity.

When one signs up, one's account has a continental designation per the ICANN Regional Registries,

  1. Afrinic Africa
  2. Ripe Europe
  3. Lacnic Latin America
  4. Arin North America
  5. Apnic Pacifica

With these political divisions, a new global government can be created from the grassroots without UN limitations, millstones, and corruption.

How Grassroots Gerrymandering works
  1. Each Grassroots Gerrymandered brainbee has a trigger of 49 or 343 at the Base Level.
  2. The winner is posted to Level 1 to re-present the item (issue or individual). Every additional seven winners triggers a new re-presentor to the next level.
  3. When Level 1 has seven winners from the base level, a brainbee is held with the winner being posted to Level 2.
  4. When there are 49 Level 1 re-presentors, there will be seven Level 2 winners from which a Level 3 re-presentor is posted.
  5. This processes repeats.
  6. Political brainbees have a redundancy to improve quality--see Grassroots Primaries.

Numbers Matter:
Per ICANN Registry Region:
Afrinic, Ripe, Lacnic, Arin, & Apnic

Base 49

classes Level 1
2 3 4 5 6 7 8




7 1


49 7 1


343 49 7 1


2,401 343 49 7 1


16,807 2,401 343 49 7 1


117,649 16,807 2,401 343 49 7 1


823,543 117,649 16,807 2,401 343 49 7 1

Timism has a daily tally of key data per nation and per Regional Registry.

Grassroots Gerrymandering Examples

Mass Mailings: Protests are useless. Organization and Action Matters
On a monthly basis--or crisis trigger--the top issues approved by the top re-presenters by a brainbee vote will be emailed downward to the participants to fulfill the proposed course of actions. If tomorrow, millions protested on the streets little would be achieved. Economic boycotts change economic injustices, e.g., South African Apartheid and Putin's economic sanctions.

After level 1, voting is by the voters of the prior level (49) so that the winner of the new level reflects a broader conscensus. While it is technologically feasible to have all submitters voting at each level, re-representative democracy is better than burning people out from over-voting on the same issue. Final monthly results will be posted on the internet.

Categories of Grassroots Gerrymandering. (vs. Superbrainee)
Category Issue/Topic (Elementary, Middle,
Climate Hell
  1. Climate Defenders: How to stop climate hell (HS)
  2. Boycotts: What industries should be re-timed or de-timed.
  1. Lifehours
  2. Decapitalism: How to stop economic bloodshed
  3. Community Upgrades
  1. Bully Stoppers (ES,MS,HS)
  2. Jabber Democracy (HS)
  1. Citizen Legislation, Global
  2. Electricity Denial
  3. Igknowance tax: Bill of Responsibility
  4. Ostracism
  5. Pardons.
  6. Timists: Party of, by and for the People
  1. Rights and Freedoms

Language disparities between nations on a continental are eliminated by on-line translators.

Groundfloors of Grassroots Gerrymandering
Base brainbees for Grassroot Gerrymandering will begin at the local school level from which the winner will integrated upward: Elementary, Middle and High Schools. This improves efficiency.

In the United States, there are about 67,000 public elementary schools (2021) (and about 20,000 private elementary schools). Elementary schools are the basis of restructuring our democracy for better democracy--see Elementary Democracy. While the traditional hierarchy will be observed (school, district, state, nation), grassroot gerrymandering will be a second hierarchy derived from brainbees of the increasing number of elementary schools fulfilling basic requirements, e.g., 49 supporters claiming the school. At each power of 7 increase (7,49, 343,2,401,16,807, 67,000), a brainbee will be held for leadership. And, monthly brainbees for "citizen proposals" whereby elementary schools can share time-saving, money-saving ideas.

Citizens associated with private schools will be able to participate in the activities of the public school district in which they live. Timism is about solving public problems not privileges (private laws). The same is true for charter schools. When you sign up, cite the public school in which you live, not your private or charter school.

I support Grassroots Gerrymandering
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