Media Critique

Siberian fires beget Canadian fires
that are dessicating downwind United States,
causing future US mega-fires, e.g., Maui fire

Recent "Worst pollution" coverage of Canadian fire smoke does not mention a greater, growing U.S. threat: Drought and Fires. Accompanyng  the visible atmospheric pollution are ground-hugging blankets of carbon dioxide generated by the upwind forest fire that are transparent to the naked eye,

In the billions of dollars spent on climate research, no ink is spread on carbon dioxide's Hydrophilia: The simple, molecular 'smoking gun' of more droughts, fires and deluges. Carbon dioxide likes water more than water likes itself. Hydrophilia is the basis of carbonated beverages. Atmospherically, it soaks up water from the ground and prevents upper level rainfall from reaching the ground. Of the latter, why do the broadcast weatherheads talk about "dry" air but never explains the basis of dryness. It is CO2's hydrophilic dessicating action on the biomass. The relationship is echoed in the term for frozen CO2: dry ice.

CO2's dessication was originally detailed in Oil Droughts(1982). The Global Dying websection of documents numerous locations and time-lines. Major CO2 "climate cancers" causing droughts and fires are Brazil/Amazon, Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, etc.  It is important to note this is Timism's 3rd marketing effort since 1999 to predict and explain Canada's wildfires.* Also, this E.L.E. was referenced in "Polar Timebomb" (www 2015 ... Press Release 2017 ... youtube).

The most obvious, prima facia coorelation of CO2's dessication and drought is the Horn of Africa. It began in 1965. The drought caused un-ending social, economic and political chaos ... except for nine months in 1973-74. During the Yom Kippur War, Saudi Arabia cut oil production by 95%. This also cut the burning of non-salable natural gas (145 barrels per oil barrel). The downwind Horn of Africa drought ended for the nine months of the oil embargo. Normal rainfall returned for nine months. Today, the East African chaos suffers from eight billion cubic feet of natural gas burned daily from upwind Saudi/Kuwait/Iraq oil wells. (Sixty-five percent cuts of Texas oil production in 1939, due to World War II, ended the Mid-West Dustbowl.) Afghanistanis farms heroin that needs only 10% of the water used to grow wheat, water missing since upwind Caspian Sea oil field development negotiated by Exxon's representative Condaleeza Rice).

Besides oil fields, two other major CO2 sources are human fossil fuel fuelishness and Mother Nature's forest fires. The former potentiates the latter. The latter is a closed loop presaging an extinction level event.

California's car culture generates CO2 that soaks up the normal Pacific moisture causing droughts in the immediate region. Distantly downwind, the CO2-bound water precipitates like a soda-bottle shake. Local drought damage is nothing compared to downwind deluge destruction of homes, jobs and infrastrutures from CO2-floods. (youtube) This is akin to the 2023 Western Canadian fires causing Eastern Canadian floods.

These distant deluges from California's human folly depend on seaonal wind patterns . In the U.S, one can see a seasonal pattern of downwind flooding from the Gulf Coast to Mid-Atlantic and up to New England. Seasonal wind patterns explain how Amazon forest fires cause Central America droughts (causing reduced ship weights in the Panama Canal) when the CO2 goes westerly across the top of South America. But, distant deluges (derechos) result when the CO2 courses across the Atlantic Ocean before u-turning and slamming into northern Europe.

The seasonal wind variations determine the downwind impact depending on whether the atmospheric streams of CO2 cross land or water as shown above in the Amazon fires. This variation explains how the massive Siberian forest fires (bigger than all other forest fires in the world combined) accounts for the Pacific atmospheric rivers and Canadian wildfires. Ominously, the atmospheric pollution from the Canadian forest fires presage the dessication of the eastern United States. In the meantime, the moisture absconded by the Canadian CO2 blanket is contributing to the NorthEast U.S. 1000-year rainfall leaving upwind dessicated, fire-prone biomass. Based on the documentation of hydrophilia, one can expect an unprecedented fire season, probably Spring, 2024 for the eastern U.S. And, the US will play, play, play in the meantime with the inevitable choruses of woe-is-me by climate deniers.

Taken together, the worsening global forest fires are a closed loop that constitutes an extinction level event, i.e., CO2>drought>fires>CO2>drought>fires, ad infinitum. What needs to be done will not be done to fulfill the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell. Too many climate cancers. Too many climate criminals. Too many climate lemmings. Too many pied-pipers of self-destruction, e.g., Taylor Swift, Gail King, Jim Gaffigan, Jeff Bezo, Katy Freeway, Angela Merkle, etc. This listing is not the latest snowfall on the tip of the iceberg causing our E.L.E..

Nero is playing his fiddle while the future burns up.
Measured in the mega-tons of CO2 generated, the cost of humanity to Mother Nature has two parts: The cost of living for our needs and the cost of lying from our wants. More than 90% of the CO2 killing us is from our wants of which we tell ourselves we cannot live. In general, we cannot be free if we are controlled by our wants and our desires instead of our needs. Specifically, we cannot be free of climate hell without controlling our wants.

Uber-narcissist Taylor Swift puts two gallons of gasoline into the atmosphere for each Swifty in the audience. Many Swifties can be found on social media and in public marches protesting climate change. Duh. The same goes for the mega-sports venues where millions weekly fill-up "profesisonal" and college stadium parking lots with gas-guzzling American Dreams. Does not take long to find a season ticket-holder who will say the government needs to do something about climate change. Mother Nature will. People won't stop being climate lemmings until Mother Nature destroys their homes and jobs via climate roulette of which she is improving her track record.

Amazing thing: Many concert-goers and sport-nuts will react as if a person describing climate cancers is the cause of the cancers. A local TV weatherman was threatened and resigned because of some viewers not wanting to hear about climate change: Meteorologist Who Was Threatened Over Climate Coverage to Leave Job. Sorta of like, "Eh, doc, I wounln't have this cancer if you had not found it. You're dead!" Or, you complaining about worsening disrespect at the Veterans Administration and being locked up until a judge orders your release. (When the VA is good, it is great. Otherwise, it will kill the vet.)

Submit an example of climate cancer or criminal for global boycott of offenders.

Cost of Lying behind the Accelerating Synergistic Existential Melteown
If 90% of humanity's CO2 is generated for wants for non-necessities then to slow and reverse climate hell requires eliminating the jobs behind the cost of lying. Given how habitual politicans universally proclaim the need for more jobs, how much time do you think they are putting into avoiding the social, economic, and political chaos of Mother Nature's destroying the basis of all jobs ... the food chain. The habitual politicians of Afghanistan, Irag, Somalia, Syria, Nigeria, etc. did not put time into planning to avoid chaos. Instead, they catered to their base in the old nasty game of might-makes-right with promises of something-for-nothing, demagoguery that has demised democracy. Tragically, in our igknowance, our efforts to ameliorate the impact of hotter hot exacerbate the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere, e.g., air conditioning. Faster and faster, we are dogs chasing our tails ... drinking more saltwater to quench our worsening thirst.

Climate change is the foundation of all inflation due to destruction of food production and increased daily demand of 200,000 new mouths or 70 million year. It is also the cause of civil chaos as different groups battle for dwindling resources.

Hard choices must be made, and made soon. Does humanity imitate Georgians during Sherman's March to the Sea during the U.S. Civil War? Or, emulate the Russians when invaded by Napolean in 1800s or by Nazis in World War II? Self-delusion or Sorched earth? In some situations, trying to save everyone saves no one. We need a Geo. Patton not a Mother Teresa to fight climate hell. When everyone tries to get into one lifeboat, it is no longer a lifeboat.

Careless caring causes careworn carers. Timism has numerous tracks by which America can lead into a soft landing so as to rise again to a higher level of humanity:  24in4 .... Disaster Prep Services ... brainbees ... Manheaven Project, Silver Bullets and Golden Dagger. Timism has over 40 years (Oil Droughts, 1982, Touch-Tone Manager) composing a double alphabet of sequenced solutions: If "A" then "B" ... "Z" then "AA" then "BB". The media is full of miracle swiss cheese solutions that are ballyhooded by media dilletantes with no relevant expericence to evaluate or critique their hyper-cheerleading. But, they can read a tele-prompter.

 If you don't devote your free time to educating and encouraging others to become supporters of the Tools of Timism then you deserve your free unending vacation in a virtual. global climate hell refugee camp. Habitual politicians fail the climate hell test: Grow the economy till we die or slow the economy so we live.

Are you a working CO2-needer or a playing CO2 sinner?
A minimalist mentalist or a malignant materialist?
Part of the soluition or part of the problem?

More problematic is what to do with the bodies when 100,000 are dying daily from the combination of heat, famine and chaos?
Leaving them in the street or backyard will work until they start to rot becoming petri dishes for diseases.
Multiply the body stacks of the Covid pandemic without refrigerated storage.
It's coming.

(The decades-old data shows a consistent relationship between CO2 atmospheric rivers and drought/deluge--see oil field smoke plumes from Iraq war. One can propose that CO2's Frequency Resonating Quantums constitute micro-magnifying glasses that increases temperature of underlying matter. FRQ's are behind the high pressure heat domes. This would explain the escalating daily record temperatures in Eastern United States during the Canadian forest fire pollution. If true, humanity may not have decades nor years before an E.L.E. To echo channel Mother Nature, "Burn, Baby, Burn".)

Our two-faced, re-election addicted habitual politicians will not do what needs to be done. Habitual politicians everywhere will do nothing to prepare for the coming disasters. In Richmond, Virginiia, the city council spent $30 million to buy useless land to make parks which will cost more millions. When Mother Nature chooses Richmond for a climate roulette, will citizens need parks or food?

With 40 years of forethought, this writer defines the steps to slow and reverse climate hell as two silver bullets and one golden dagger determined from over 40 years of climate research. Mother Nature will do what is needed since we will not. She will increase her climate roulette of tornados, hurricanes, floods, fires and heatwaves. These disasters destroy the foodchain. With more mouths bidding up food prices, we have unstoppable inflation. The increased, wide-spread, inflation-driven domestic violence is the canary in the mineshaft. The last resort to save life on Planet Earth will be the destruction of the global economy of climate cancers by nuclear war.

In summary, the real threat to world peace is not Russia fighting Ukraine but Russia not fighting the Siberian fires. It is dark before darker, hot before hotter. We don't have decades or years. We have only months to shoot the silver bullets and plunge the golden dagger into the body of climate hell if we are to save life on Planet Earth as we know it. At a certain point of chaos, it will be open season on climate change deniers as desperate people see no hope but want vengance upon the perpetrators of die grosse luge.

(Additional insights into CO2's impact on our existence, see Carbon Dioxide: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule behind more autism, ADHD, Alzheimers, polarbombs, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.)

Help save life on Planet Earth, the Primary Moral Imperative, sign-up at

Copyright 2023 Robert S. Barnett

P.S. You should start checking off the items on your bucket list, now or never.

*In the early 2000s, an in-law visited Richmond, Virginia, from Canada. He was a full professor and department head in a science field at the University of Alberta. I asked to show my climate research. He said Friday morning of his 5-day visit. Early Friday morning he left Richmond without explanation. If he had reviewed the research, he could have initiated a seminar to share with others. Poignantly, in early 2023 two decades later, his veteranarian daughter had to rapidly evacuate from her farm because of the fires that he could have prevented. Mother Nature's wheels of justice turn slowly but surely.

Remember: Mother Nature does not care about us.

Maui Fire, August, 2023:
First US Mega-Fire from Siberian Fires
More to Come
Per the Hydrophilia explanation of atmospheric metabolism, the Siberian and Canadian fires generated the high pressure zone north of Hawaii] which channelled dry, CO2-dessication on the Hawaiian islands. The dissociation of the CO2 clusters generated the dry, hurricane force winds that came in from the north, not from the south where the claim that a hurricane (Dora)  750 miles distant with counter-clockwise winds was the source of the Maui fires. Hurricane winds have high moisture, i.e., rain, not dry, dessicating winds. Blaming the hurricane is another instance of weatherheads not understanding weather. (So firetrucking obvious.)

Takeaway for those who think money will protect you from climate change: Many of Maui's dust-to-dust climate victims were well-to-do retirees who sought golden years in the paradise of Hawaii. Only by good fortune was Oprah's home and bod spared. Her $2.5 billion fortune means nothing to Mother Nature. Better education and democracy are the keys to slowing and reversing climate hell on earth, i.e. Timism's silver bullets and golden dagger.

Hawaii: Water water everywhere but not a drop for droughts.