When millions have billions in lifehours, we will have a new, functional cyber currency.

Mom -and-Pop Businesses:

Lifehour Bonuses

To jumpstart the creation of a new economic system based on better capitalims, Timism has created a number of avenues by which the common folk can gain and facilitate lifehours as a tool of commerce, e.g., Food for Lifehours and Products for Lifehours. These two tools can benefit if Mom-and-Pop businesses had a stake in implementing widespread commerical use of lifehours. The creation of lifehours at the basic consumer level will increase buying power and commerce in the local economies.

An application has been scripted whereby a limited number of Mom-and-Pop businesses in each Congressional District can pledge to accept partial or total payment in lifehours. Some of the M&P's are

  1. Beauticians
  2. Barber Shops
  3. Dentists (VFD)
  4. Dinners/cafes/bars/restaurants/coffee  (non-chain)
  5. Doctors (HCA)
  6. Donut shops (non-chain)
  7. Grocery
  8. Mechanics
  9. Shoe Repair
  10. Thrifts

Participants post a Timism Logo for customers to see. Eventually a directory of lifehour accepting businesses will published on-line.

Early birds get the biggest, regressive lifehour bonses: Apply: Sign.

Businesses will use the lifehours in "barter" mode with other M&P's. Vendors who fail to accept partial payment via the Products for Lifehours will be banned from participating in Timism benefits as well as risk de-electrification.

  1. I support lifehours in the community as a mode of buy local think global.
  2. I support special start-up lifehour bonuses for Mom-and-Pop businesses.
  3. I support a ban on vendors which do not support a new cyber-currency system

Mom and Pop
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You will pay one lifeminute and receive one lifehour credit--a 60:1 profit.