Banned from Timism and Brainbees:
Anti-Ukraine persons, districts, states and nations.

Putin's War on Ukraine is a war between democracy and despotism. It is a just war. Failure to stop Putin will cost humanity more than the cost of the war.

Stopping Putin requires sacrifices which are less than the long-term suffering if he is not stopped.

Freedom is not free. War is the cost of freedom for those wanting freedom.

Benjamin Franklin said that those who give up freedom for security deserve neither freedom nor security. And the Calculus of Reality based on the math of Mother Nature forecasts that temporary respite from threats by appeasing dictators only delays the inevitablel.

Timism has a program by which nations will get back their investment in democracy via the Global Democracy Tax.

Some persons, individually or collectively, do not want pay the upfront costs of defending democracy by defeating Putin. Timism will ban Anti-Democracy elements from the benefits of Timism.

If you agree with the need for fighting till the end to end Putin's War on Ukraine and democracy, please enter any individual or group who wants to stop aidinmg Ukraine

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