Strelnikov to Yuri Zhivago: The personal life is dead in Russia, Putin has killed it.

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Global Democracy Tax
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For the social, economic and political benefits from the Tools of Timism,
billions of supporters will annually pre-pay at least one hour of wages
for the vote tokens of brainbee democracy.

Hope: English ... Hindi

Since the early 1970s, the originator of Timism has sought ways forTimism to be used for the good of humanity. Increasingly, the quality of democracy was seen as the common demoninator to a better future. The originator's writings buttress his determination to do good with Timism. He became a proficient computer programmer to code brainbees. Only better democracy can create the means to fulfill the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell.

He is no dummy ... in most regards. He set records in college (two years, cum laude at the largest Illinois university[29,000 students]). His resume is a sequence of top-shelf achievements marked by changes every few years as he became bored after mastering a new skill. One unusual reference has been a wind in his sails for solo research. He abdicated from academia because of the hypocrisy and politics.

The cash from brainbees was always intended to cover costs with surplus going to NGOs. Now, 2022, thanks to Putin's War, Ukraine is the frontline in the defense of democracy. Therefore, the bulk of Timism's cashflow will go promoting democracy thru a third-party international accounting firm. . Brainbees were first tested on touch-tone phones in 1989 and offered to no avail to politicians, e.g., Ross Perot (1992).

As Timism's brainbees and lifehours are integrated into everyday business across the globe, Kyiv should become a growing international financial center.

Timism's On-Going, Expanding Cash Sources:
From over 150 nations, 3600 states and countless cities and companies.
Brainbee process results for submissions, examples:
  • 7: This shows the basic tallying of votes in each brainbee classroom of seven submissions. You can confirm the math.
  • 49: This shows how 1st level winners create the next level of brainbees.
  • 343: Shows creation of 3rd level.
  • Brainbee Election_2401submissions.htm
  • Tested to 5,000,000 submissions

I support a Global Democracy Tax
for the Defense of Democracy
derived from brainbee fees.
ICANN code 2-letter, e.g.,US, any country
Member Email:

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Disbursement of Global Democracy Tax: Repayment Hierarchy
The brainbee income will be managed by an international accounting firm. The funds will be allocated, tentatively, as follows:
  1. 3% to three Timism Originators, 1% each.
  2. 0% to Ukraine as the Defender of Democracy.
  3. 10% to national administrative teams of each county.
  4. 10% to pay off loans in the following order. Loans are recorded in anti-inflationary lifehours, that is, an hour of wages will be repaid with an hour of wages even if wages double due to inflation. Repayment is prioritized to little guys before big guys, that is, deferred wages versus invested capital. Loans are recorded in Ukrainian lifehours which makes them inflation-proof even if the Ukrainian economy has inflation.
    1. Center of Timism staffers (more valuable than money)
    2. SIUE costs incurred for Better Democracy
    3. Cloud Service
    4. Professional Services: Record Fees ( Record fees for later repayment from the Global Democracy Tax).
      1. Accounting Firm
      2. Bank, Swiss
      3. Cloud Service
      4. Legal Firm
    5. Millionaire Funders
      1. 100 Millionaires who crowdfund arrest of Vladimir Putin for ICC: $100,000,000
    6. Lend-Lease Repayments: Afterall prior claims to the brainbee revenues have been re-paid, the military donations of other nations will be treated as lend-lease for repayment purposes (10% of revenues).
  5. When all loans are paid off, income will be retained by Timists in the nation of origin.

Copyright Robert Steven Barnett, 1979+
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