Ukrainians Opening Homes to Russian Soldiers who Vote
with their feet for Peace and Democracy

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Mandela/Tutu Model for Saving Ukraine, Today and Tomorrow

When South Africa's Apartheid government was overturned, the actions of Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu prevented a bloodbath. Despite spending almost three decades in a hard labor camp, he knew that South Africa needed blacks and whites to forget the past and join to take South Africa forward. Bishop Desmond Tutu chaired the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to defuse lingering resentment. Mandela and Tutu can help reduce the costs of Putin's War in many wasy.

As is known, many white South Africans were not for Apartheid as many Russian soldiers are not for Putin's invasion  of Ukraine. Many of the latter would go home quickly if the war ended. Many would desert if given safe passage. Many are for democracy. Many don't understand why Russia has invaded Ukraine, the Rus origin of Russia.

What if Ukraine had a program to encourage Russian desertions that would drain front-line soldiers manning artillery and logistics? What would be the requirements for optimal success?

  1. Notification of the offer via drones dropping pamphlets.

  2. Ukrainians not shooting Russians approaching with a pamphlet.

  3. Transport to a rear area for the rewards of being a soldier for peace and democracy.

    1. A Ukrainian family taking in soldier with family receiving Ukrainian lifehour tax credits.
    2. The soldier working in rubble of Russian destruction.
    3. The soldier receives regular salary from an international fund (to be repaid from Ukraine's monopoly on Timism cashflow--the Global Democracy Tax).
    4. Six months bonus when the war is over.
  4. The soldier can write home about being "captured" and doing "hard labor" as well as relay to soldiers relatives of Putin's hypocrisy.

If the Ukrainian government initiates the Mandela/Tutu program, it must make it clear to all Ukrainians (fighters and non-fighters) that the surrendering soldier must be treated with respect and honor ... for the obvious practical reasons. If you kill a surrendering soldier, fewer will surrender. As word spreads, the surrenders will increase.

I support a Mandela/Tutu Reconciliation program
for Russian soldiers to be ambassadors
of peace and democracy
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