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The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions from Bad Values.

When everyone gets into one lifeboat it is no longer a lifeboat.

Careless caring causes careworn carers.

Sancturists: Bleeding Democracy to Death

What happens to any enterprise if the best and brightest are encouraged to quit when the going gets tough? The enterprise gets tougher. Behind the rise in global despotism and demise of democracy is the dwindling number of remaining democracies that encourage the braindrain from troubled countries. Instead of internal revolution, despots have an easier row to hoe. See Deport All Russians.

Would the global decline of democracy into despotism occur if borders had been closed to political refugees?An analogy: If you let all the doctors of a Third World Country exit into developed countries, should one be surprised when healthcare declines is the braindrained nations? In other words, the democracies have themselves to blame for the decline of democracy. Does allowing political refugees increase or decrease global political democracy?

Ukrainian refugees are not sancturist refugees except able-bodied males over 18 years-of-age who should be deported back to Ukraine. The latter avoid fighting for democracy. The former are from a country where the borders are closed to all able-bodied males who can fight for Ukraine and Democracy. The exit of seven million Ukrainians to the homes of foreign Good Samaritans lessens the daily survival cost on Ukraine. An analogous situation was in World War II when Eisenhower wanted to bypass hungry, cold Paris so as to conserve food and fuel supplies for the advancing Allied forces.

Morality without practicality is immoral.
Moral derives from "more of."
More of what?
Good or bad?

Religious morality is immoral when the papist US Supreme Court bans mask requirements and bans abortion. In churches without mask requirements, more deaths. . Many a preacher claiming God would protect the faithful now grow colder in graves with many of the listentng flock. With fewer abortions, more taxes and more crime.

Superior to religious morality is Timism, the Morality of More Time. It echos the evolutionary dictum of survival of the fittest, that is, the most time-creative whether microbes or religions. Timism conclusions (not subjective opinions) are based on the Calculus of Reality from the Math of Mother Nature. Timism explains the good in older moral codes and desribes the bad. Timism is a higher morality than any other moral code. Old time religion blinds the sancturists to their co-enabling despots.

The brain drain fueling despotism is akin to the misbegotten effort to feed starving children, a closed loop of more starving children which breeds more starving children.

Kids Starving Essay (1992)

People with hopscotching Kodak moment morality, instead of sequitured video morality, cause their own dismal future. This writer experienced a funnymentalist who said, point-blank, "I don't care if it causes a problem tomorrow, I just want to feel like I am doing something today." Again, the road to hell is paved with good intentions from bad values.

On global issues, any deviation from the Calculus of Reality based on the Math of Mother Nature is self-defeating. Pro-life is pro-litter. Igknowance of the legal laws is no excuse. Igknowance of Mother Nature's Laws is no escape.

If democracy is to globally flourish then the braindrain needs to be reversed with closed borders and expat exports. Brainbees, the path to government of, by, and for the people, is useless without the best and brightest brains. A person who will not fight for freedom in his native land should not be given freedom in another land.

Sancturists co-enable despotism and dictatorships.
Sancturists are sanctimonious.

For the survival of democracy,
expats should be sanctioned,
not sanctified.

(Also see Deport All Russians.)

Yes, sancturists are bleeding democracy to death

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