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I have an unusual request from an unusual person for an usual website: Timism--The Morality of More Time. Before the request, a view of the person.
Mental Sponge
Timism's originator graduated from the largest Illinois university cum laude in two years (transcript). He ace'd 24 credit hours in one semester of seven classes. As an overload, a year of pre-med organic chemistry was completed in two months. In the US Navy, he scored a record high on the electronic comprehensive final exam. His resume and achievements list numerous, diverse success stories. When he became successful in a new area, he became bored and moved on. Based on his background in electricity/electronics and chemistry, his approach to understanding atmospheric dynamics is electro-chemical, not computer modeling. The latter merely predicts while the Timistic approach explains and predicts. 

Since first writing on climate change in 1982, I have devoted increasing amounts of time to the question of how to reverse our worsening climate hell. The key is better democracy which will inform, organize and motivate people to act.

Part and parcel to this educational effort are allocating ownership and management of the Tools of Timism via a college competition for the tools. Please recognize that this broad, deep redefinition of human problem-solving is not by a lazy dummy.

Competition Timeline

Voting Form


Competitors & Poster

24in4: Share Job Time
or Jobless Crime


Reynolds or John Tyler


CO2 Killer


Jefferson HS or
McLean HS
CO2 Killer


Open HS or
Community HS
Elementary Democracy




Lifehours App




UMBC or UBalt
CaveGarden Index Paul Quinn College

Donations for these tools need their own donation account so donated money ends up automatically in the hands of the competition winner. (I have no desire to manage money nor people.) Nine accounts are needed for the competition, e.g., 24in4, Brainbees, etc.

This college competition is about the intellectual capital of Timism. A much larger set of accounts (220+) are needed for global expansion of the Tools of Timism. At New Nations Crowdfunding is a list of all the nations in the world where supporters of the tools can make a donation for their country to acquirie the tools. Again, I have no desire for money nor management. (The accounts would not be created immediately, only when 10% of target funds are donated.)

Clearly, your firm will gain significant fees from Timism organizing supporters. The fees will double inasmuch as donations are treated as two-fers, that is, the donator's account has a warrant and a credit account. Warrants are paid back via a FIFO process from future cashflow which generate "flipflop" fees for your payment system.

My request: Please assign a contact person with sufficient authority and knowledge to quickly resolve issues. Having used your contact links to no avail, I need a contact person. If you do this, I will allocate 1,000,000 Timism shares in your firm's name to Big Brothers/Big Sisters in the future. (And, I encourage you to signup to claim over six figures in Timism equity [which is open to one-and-all].)


Robert S. Barnett

FYI: Global Dying and Climate Hell
A major web section of Timism.com is Global Dying which explains and lists Carbon Dioxide "hot spots" that
  1. cause drought as a result of CO2 soaking up water (hydrophilia), and,
  2. cause downwind deluges and floods (aka soda bottle shake).

Examples of CO2 hot spots are oil fields and California.

It is important to note that forest fire hot spots may destroy millions in property damage but the downwind deluges cause billions in property and infrastructure losses (US downwind from California and Philipines downwind from Australia).

Essential to understanding the electro-chemical nature of climate change is Carbon Dioxite: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule which summarizes over two dozen essays on climate hell.

Listed originally were

  1. US Dustbowl #1 (1933-1940) East Texas
  2. US Dustbowl #2 (1950-1957) West Texas
  3. East Africa (1967 onward) Saudi Peninsula (Interesting fact: During 9 months of OPEC embargo [1973-1974] with 95% drop in upwind oil pumping, drought went away.)
  4. West Africa (1970s+)
  5. Alaska (1970s+) Prudhoe Bay
  6. China/Korea (1997) Permian Basin
  7. Canada (1999) Alberta Tar Sands ... Murray Fire
  8. US Dustbowl #3 (1999) Southwest gas plants
  9. US Southeast (1999) Massive Gulf of Mexico oil wells
  10. Brazil/Amazon Forest (1998) Massive Atlantic oil wells off Brazil's east coast (2020 Details)
  11. Australia (2001 onward) Fossil fule production
  12. New Horizon Oil Well (2010)
  13. Russia (2010) Petro prodution.

More recently

  1. West coast drought-fires with downwind floods depending on jet stream (Texas to New England).
  2. East Coast drought post-Hurricane Katrina
  3. Amazon fires 2019 cause (depending on wind direction whether over land or water)
    1. Panama Canal water shortages
    2. Gulf of Mexico flooding (Houston),
    3. East Coast droughts, and,
    4. Mid-Atlantic mis-shapened hurricanes--see Hurricanes for Dummies.

Addendum: Summaries to key topics, issues and concepts

  1. 24in4: Necessary key to reversing climate hell
  2. Brainbees: Cashcow ... Power
  3. Business Model: Internet start-up given away to Timism Supporters
  4. Carbon Dioxide: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule
  5. Mental Sponge: A gift
  6. Philantropist: Be one with Timism stock.