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DeElectrify Crime: Do Not Incarcerate

Initially, formulated for Covid virus protocol offenders, but good for other minor crimes.

Many actions have been taken to stop the spread of the Trump Virus. Most importantly is quarantine and social distancing. Unfortunately, police have been told not to minimize arresting people and prisons have been releasing prisoners to stop spread and to stop litigation by inmates.

A simple, effective punishment should be used for violation of public policy to protect public safety. The key is turning off the electricity to individuals and organizations that violate public policies.

  1. Individual homes and apartments: Remove the electric meter for 30 days. If the individual finds alternative source for his domicile then the electric panel with circuit breakers will be removed. There will be a cost for re-connecting the electricity. If the circuit panel is removed, the replacement cost is borne by the individual. This includes persons or politicians advocating counter-productive or non-compliance of safety measures, e.g., virus masks.

  2. The above is true for businesses and malls.

  3. The above is true for towns, cities and suburbs: Wholesale electricity shut-offs for communities flaunty public safety measures, e.g., safe-breathing (social distancing). Examples, theme parks, water parks, etc.

In all cases,

  1. Violators will be escorted to a magistrate to review evidence including body cams for review by a third party. Intermediate handling can use school buses if large arrests.

  2. An electrician and a security team will remove the electric meter (or circuit breaker panel).

  3. Disconnect sign or signs will be pasted around the home or organizations like abandoned car windshield stickers or "No Trespassing" signs. The "No Electricity" sticker will have start date and ending date.

  4. Disconnections will be quality controlled each night to see if electricity has been re-introduced to the offender. Neighbors who provide extension cords will have their electrical service removed: From source (pole) to circuit panel with no redemption of removed parts. Offenders will have to pay energy company and electricians for new service.

  5. The security will consist of two or more members of the state National Guard.

As local news chronicles crime so should it have a segment on  daily Electricity Denial with reasons why so as to alert the public to more responsible behavior.

Among the benefit is lowering the cost of enforcing laws. No jailing. No prosecution.

An ominous letter was sent by the National School Boards Association to the U.S. Attorney General requesting deployment of the national guard and military at school board meetings to arrest and prosecute disruptive attendees under the Patriot Act as terrorists. Excuse me. This is a slippery slope that should be avoided. Heinrich Himmler is applauding in his grave. Civility Brainbees and De-Electrification will reduce the threat to school board members.
Modus Operandi: Despite what their mouths spout, people do not exercise a right or freedom when they endanger other people or nature.
  1. First time: Persons  or businesses violating pandemic prevention guidelines are arrested. Electric circuit breaker are removed from home or business. The items are taken to a police evidence facility and arranged in chronological order. The offender can pick up the electrical items after the 7-day violation penalty, paying the commercial cost of the items to the police department. The offender will be allowed to photograph the electrical circuit panel before circuit removal as a template for re-installing the circuit breakers.
  2. Second Time: The electric meter, circuit panel and circuit breakers will be removed.
  3. Third Time: In addition to step #2, electrical service to the home or business will be severed causing the offender to pay the power company the cost of re-installing electrical service which will be in the thousands of dollars.

As one does not have a right to irresponsibly yell 'fire' in a crowded theatre nor does one have a right to endanger others with a deadly disease.

Local and state governmetn benefits of authorizing Electricity Denial
Timism has developed a collection of brainbees labeled Civility Brainbees. For citizens wishing to speak at public meetings, they submit their issue in advance to be prioritized by the other submitters. At  public meeting (council, board, police, school, univesities, etc.), in order of prioritization, speakers are given 5 minutes to present their issue. Anyone violating the democratizing of civility in public meetings will have their electricity--a symbol of civilization--turned off.

To access Civility Brainbees for public meetings and many other brainbees for efficient, economic policy-making, the governing body must pass Electicity Denial as a punitive tool for offenders of laws, regulations and ordinances. (Interesting historical note: Civil and civility derive from "city" without which one cannot have the former with a correlation of city life with civility. Civility brainbees can potentiate the following: When politicians make good policies, the polity in the polis will be polite without police.

I support Electricity Denial rather than costly incarceration.
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