Subject: Vaccine Jabber Democracy would yield $1.6 million per high school ... Do the math


Millions of dollars are going into corporate coffers that could be going into local education. The US high school figures are astounding:

  1. 24,000 high schools in the US
  2. 854 students on average per high school
  3. 14,000 residents per high school district
  4. $120 Government Covid payment (3 shots) per resident
  5. $1.68 million government payment per high school district population. (14,000x$120)
    (Data from the National Center for Education Statistics, part of the US Department of Education.)

This money should be going into bank accounts of local jabbers—millions give diabetic jabs every day to self, friends or relatives. It is not rocket science.

Nor does it take a hospital setting or doctor's office. One can always consult one's doctor before visiting the closer high school. This image from a CVS pharmacy raises many concerns about on-site hygiene. It conveys how one does not need expensive venues to jab.
At CVS, nurse cramped between shelves.

One retired nurse at CVS expressed how she was working long hours at low wages while CVS executives were making millions of dollars from taxpayers. The above image of a CVS jabber cramped in a narrow aisle next to kids toys is reminescent of PETA photos of animals crammed in unhealthy cages. Would you like to sit for hours on a hard chair twisting and turning your back to do paperwork and jabs? A simple swivel chair would be nice, but the budget was too tight for this luxury.

Schools are often used for voting sites.  Arranging tables and chairs in the hallways after school will make it convenient, no-cost facilities for jabs and other community services. And, citizens in schools after-hours reduce vandalism.

Worsening the consumer cost is how private providers juice up the fee with insurance payments. An underlying cause of climate change is the CO2 generation by a person who is paid $10 versus $40 per jab. Which of the jabbers has the spending power to purchase products with a higher CO2 cost of production? In other words, millionaires are greater CO2 sinners than homeless street people. Democratizing jabs is an example of the need to re-time and de-time human activity to reduce CO2 generation.

The true, absolute cost of anything is the time you work to have the funny numbers on funny paper by which to trade for the purchased item:  A Timism Truism ... anywhere, anytime ... today, yesterday, yester-century, and yester-millenium. If I give you a free car that requires on-going repairs which cost you many hours of wages, the car was not free. Same with free sex and 18 years of child costs. Likewise,

  1. if we keep gasoline cheap (average time cost of gasoline is 6 minutes per gallon at $2.50/gal with an average wage of $25/hour.), and,
  2. if the resulting climate change damage (droughts, fires, floods) causes  you to lose your home and job,
  3. then cheap gasoline is very costly in your time (average home cost is 8,000 lifehours, that is, $200,000/$25 and joblessness can be unending lost time) .

The gaspump time cost of a gallon of gas is a downpayment on a existential loan from Mother Nature. She has interest rates in lost time that would have loan sharks decry, "Too much." (see CO2 is a currency killing life on earth.)

Let's use public high schools to democratize jabbing. Literally, to democratize an activity is demos cracy, that is, divide to rule or work. Historically, the Cradle of Democracy (Greece) organized its public policy-making into a hierarchy of divisions. Demos, think of demographics. Demos, think of demolish. An optimal democracy divides and demolishes problems. In business, its called breaking up a problem into manageable parts to solve it. In manufacturing, its called mass production. (Democracy overview)

The proposed vaccine democracy would include all vaccines (Order Form). Vaccinations were once an inexpensive process before greed shifted the system to private providers. Never has any privitization of a public service resulted in the ballyhooed lower costs. Invariably, legalized privileges (literally, de facto private laws) are inflationary monopolies, e.g., energy (Enron) and healthcare (BlueCross/BlueShield).
OMG: What a mess!
A table of comparisons(15) contrasts vaccine depotism vs democracy, that is, de facto private laws vs. public laws. And, OMG, what a mess! An especially disgusting example of waste is the following:

Which habitual politician was behind this corruption?

To reduce CO2 sinning and reduce per jab costs, we need to re-time and de-time private monopolies in general and private jabbing in particular. Won't happen with habitual politicians. Jabbing democracy can do it.

Plea to Big Pharma

The vaccination response to Covid-19 virus has been fraught with incompetence and corruption (Headlines). More deadly, the elephant in the room larger than Covid-19 has been agravated by the Covid response. The response has been a massive climate cancer as millions of cars across the nation have waited in line for tests and jabs thereby metastasizing unnecessary Carbon Dioxide, the Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule.
Climate Cancer: Cars in line for testing and jabbing.

Covid will kill millions. Because of our CO2 sinning against Her, an angry Mother Nature will kill billions.

for more information and receive one lifehour ($??) for voting for title, visit (link)

In supporting Vaccine Democracy, you will receive one lifehour credit. An email will be forwarded to the Virginia Department of Health asking Governor Northam, a doctor by training, to ban private jabbing in a high school's district when that high school has met the guidelines established by VDH, See Training and Preparation for Administering Covid-19 Vaccination. (Gov. Northam: If you ever want to run for another office, your name on nationwide Jabber Democracy will be qualification hard for any opponent to match.)

Virginia can set a national and international standard for better pre-ventative medicine. The state will piggyback vaccine distribution on the ABC store system weekly fulfilling the weekly vaccine requests of each high school. When a highschool jabber site is on-line, pharmaceutical companies will be banned from shipping vaccines to private entities within the high school district. Will President Biden issue an Executive Order to this effect? A simple way to increase school funding and to empower grassroots democracy.

Support Jabber Democracy: Save money, lower taxes and help end vaccination deserts. If not a supporter, signup to claim 100 lifehour credits or more. If an educator, you owe it to your students and community to not only signup but to stop all elective activities to focus on contacting colleagues, family and friends to signup.

Forewarned is Forearmed
Eventually, the logic of Jabber Democracy will be globally implemented. Any vaccine will be distributed equitably and methodically among high schools. For instance, if 2.4 million doses are available for America's 24,000 high schools, each high school will receive 100 dose in order of the high school's Timism's timestamp. This constitutes medical rationing which will probably be extended to many life-saving procedures as a means to reduce the number one cause of climate hell: CO2 generating over-population.

Like SS#, everyone should have an individual timestamp as a priority FIFO, e.g., vaccine jabs and Finlandized loan refinancing. Initial accounts are free. Sign up your family including your children. If you like your relatives, encourage them to sign up. Be ready for the next pandemic and keep your tax dollars in your local public schools. Reduce your risk of being rationed out of medical service which has already begun with Covid overflow. Who should be first in line? Those who support better democracy and economics, or, those who don't care?

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