Re-Time and De-Time Climate Cancers

Consider the following:

  1. Primary Moral Imperative: Save Life on Planet Earth from the Climate Hell of rising CO2 levels.
  2. CO2: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule.
  3. Cost of humanity to Mother Nature is CO2 from living and lying, i.e., needs vs. wants.
  4. Money fuels living and lying activities, that is, good vs. bad money.

The above sequence list a hidden environmental impact of the over-priviledged and over-advantaged compared to the under-priviledged and dis-advantaged.

Who is a greater CO2 sinner?

  1. The Wall Street decapitalist who legally robs workers of their pensions via 401ks, the biggest bank robbery in history?
  2. The victim of decapitalism who cannot retire, working past retirement to have healthcare, a given for people's grandparents before 401ks.

Which person directly or indirectly commits the most and largest CO2 sins? Mansion builders with mistresses? Homeless veterans with pet as a friend?

Ending decapitalism is more than about social and economic justice. It is about saving life on planet earth, the Primary Moral Imperative.

There is much to be said for Timism's Global Warming Test:

  1. Grow the economy till we die, or,
  2. Slow the economy so we live.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions from bad values. In recent years, German Chancellor Angela Merkle imported one million refugees whose annual CO2 production had been four tons. Now, as affluent CO2-sinners in Germany, they generate fourteen tons. That is 1,000,000 times 10,000 more tons of CO2 going into the atmosphere: 10 billion tons. A gross example of careless caring.

The calculus of reality based on the math of Mother Nature says that whenever everyone tries to get into one lifeboat, it is no longer a lifeboat. The Nazi holocaust killed millions with Zyklon-B. Global decision-makers are killing billions with greenhouse gases.

To save life on earth, we need to re-time and de-time human activites based on the living/lying cost of humanity to Mother Nature. This analysis must be done through monthly brainbees. Some activities will be de-timed by de-electrification. Some by rising taxes. Some simply outlawed.

Brainbees embody the words of Abraham Lincoln in two important ways.

  1. No one should govern without the consent of the governed which brainbees can achieve.
  2. Government of, by and for the people. (Get It Boys address vs. Gettysburg address)

Timism agrees that the best government is the least government. How? By better self-government which includes reducing your CO2 sinning.

  1. Stay home on the weeks. Do stuff around your home and neighborhood.
  2. Don't watch TV-- read a book which is the most economical form of happiness. Think of your time cost for a free library book versus a $100 sports event ticket. Which purchase has a repeating, down-stream echo of CO2 sinning, e.g., sports hanger-ons.. Which is a climate cancer? Libraries or Sports?
  3. Walk/Bike/Bus/Train instead of cars and planes.
  4. Shop once a week or once every two weeks Buy in bulk.
  5. Shop thrifts stores before you buy new or shop on-line.

    The more people who do the above will result in safer, saner world as well as help reverse climate hell.

We do not need, per the existential phlebotomists, to invest into budget-busting climate clange technology if we get businesses, gatekeepers and individuals to stop being climate cancers, climate criminals and climate lemmings. The simplest, fastest and needed way to reverse climate hell is to stimie consumer demands for the  human "wants" that have pissed off Mother Nature.

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