Global Fire Fighters

A global closed-loop of rising CO2 causing droughts and fires which increases CO2 in the atmosphere. This is due to hydrophilia and detailed in Siberian fires. This closed loop is an Extinction Level Event warranting a global crash action greater than the mad dash of the Manhattan Project to create the atomic bomb.

Timism's grassroots gerrymandering provides the process by which to create a local to global authority to define and enforce actions. Beginning at the high school level, when 343 supporters have signed up, the top electees will be automatically assigned to higher levels of organization.

  1. Global
  2. National
  3. State
  4. District

These higher authorities observe the division by seven process that is the core of brainbees divisioning for better democracy. As winners of grassroot brainbees, ususally high schools, were added to the authority, every new group of seven selected and promoted a member to the next higher level.

In hommage to the historical and literal origin of democracy's Greek heritage (demos kratia: divisions rule), democracy has two divisioning factors. One is the divisioning of people into managable, productive units (demes). The second divisioning is the frequency of brainbees to address the frequency of problems. Optimal democracy is not monarchies or dictatorships that have infrequent divisioning nor is it mob rule that has moment-to-moment rule by the loudest voice.

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  1. Level Rights ... profit-sharing taxation ... appropriation
  2. School buses ... trailors of tools with ATF
  3. beginning at the highschool level.
  4. Different territories have different needs, e.g., forests vs. grasslands.