Two events to keep in mind when you find them in the following essays.

  1. OPEC oil embargo, 1970s
  2. Hydrophilia closed loop

Climate Hell Index of Files

  1. AlphaTrifecta: Increased CO2 increases autism, ADHD, Alzheimers as well as asthma and allergies: AlphaTrifecta. Global warming is also global dumbing. (2007)
  2. Bees Dying: As a dessicant, CO2 is dehydrating bees causing less immunity to opportunitistic diseases. (2010)
  3. Carbon Dioxide: The Global, Muti-Tasking Killer Molecule.
  4. Electricity Denial: Don't Incarcerate I:\\IdeasClimateHell\ElectricityDenial.htm
  5. Global Warming Test: Grow the economy till we die or slow the economy so se live.
  6. Hurricanes for Dummies: More and bigger (2000)
  7. Hydrophilia: The simple, molecular 'smoking gun' of droughts, fires and deluges. 220428
  8. Inflation: Driving global inflation is the relentless rise of CO2 destroying the foodchain by drought and deluges. History repeats: "Nothing made the German people so embittered, so raging with hatred, so ripe for Hitler, as the Inflation."
  9. Oil Droughts Predicted worsening droughts and downwind deluges with the mechancism being Hydrophilia: (1982)
  10. Petrophiliacs: Loving oil even if it kills us.
  11. Polar Timebomb. Agriculture in the Northern Hemisphere will die along with billions of people with unbelivable social, economic, and political chaos. (2007)
  12. Primary Moral Imperative: Save Life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell.
  13. Re-Time and De-Time Climate Cancers.
  14. Putin's War: Accelerating Climate Hell
  15. Silver Bullets and Golden Dagger: Stopping Climate Hell
  16. Starving Babies: Predicted millions of starving people because we irresponsibly feed thousands of pro-litter mouths: . 1992
  17. Term Limits Needed to Stop Climate Hell.
  18. What needs to be done will not be done: Dozens of reasons.