By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. (Ben Franklin)

Disaster Preparation Services
by Timism

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Each of Mother Nature's climate roulette disasters shows we are not prepared to handle the destruction of daily life. Hurricane Ian is an example of FEMA putting a human disaster on top of a natural disaster. California fires and atmospheric rivers overwhelm resources. All service are quantified in lifehour credits for use in paying needed life services.

Consider the haphazard distribution system for vaccines or food. These systems do not have inherent organization to weather disasters.

Timism provides several needed disaster prep strategies:

  1. Jabber Democracy: High schools for immunizations, giving the average high school about $1.6 million just for the Covid vaccine.
  2. Civility Brainbees: Eliminate chaotic public meetings by letting potential speakers prioritize each other, an educational, stress-reducing process.
  3. Stop Bullies: Simple way to stop bullying in the three school levels (high, middle, and elementary).
  4. Food Distribution: High school-based to organized and standardized the haphazard, wasteful food give-aways. Some scientists are predicting climate disasters will cause food rationing. Do you want to be methoically, transparently organized before the need? Or, OJT wing-it in middle of worsening famine. Consider Hurricane Ian (2022): Would people have suffered less if a school-based distribution system instead of Johnny-come-lately for TV PR? (see Struggling families say pandemic food stamps ending at a horrible time - The Washington Post
  5. Electrification Denial: High school committee to determine if a person has violated the simiple laws that should not require costly in carceration, e.g., bullying, hate speech, disinformation. Violators have home electricity meters removed for one or more weeks.
  6. Sister Cities: Each home has four pen pals at a distance of more than 200 miles for re-location of minors during a disaster and an influx of able-bodied adults to quickly rebuild a community with a minimum of CO2-generation from relying on fossil-fuel machines.
  7. 24in4--Share Job Time or Jobless Crime: A committee investigating work-hogs who work more than the optimal workweek length thus denying others the right to work. Violation by de-electification of individual and company. Either we share job time or jobless crime.
  8. Zipcode Disaster cleanup teams: Based on their long-postal code route number,
  9. Retired Professionals: 8-hours of community service for healthcare costs, e.g., home inspection and car inspection/evalutation.

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