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  2. Drive-up Service Ban
  3. Food Distributions: Problems/Solution (Food for Lifehours)

Governors Executive Order: Drive-up Ban

Because drive-up services cause long-lines of carbon dioxide emitting cars, drive-ups are climate cancers. As such, the businesses are Climate Hell criminals and the patrons are climate hell lemmings. Among these services are virus testing, fastfood outlets, food distribution and banks.

Therefore, to reduce carbon emissions, it is ordered that all drive up lanes are to be blocked by concrete barriers with patrons parking their non-idling cars and lining up for 1st come, 1st serve walk-up services. Services are encouaged to modify their drive-up lanes into permanent walk-up facilities like many ATM-machines are walk-up.

All of these actions will help the Primary Moral Imperative  Failure to implement this PMI will result in a 30-day de-electfication for the business. If a chain, the de-electrication will be state-wide for all outlets of the bank and fastfood businesses. In all cases, I support the Timism de-electrication penalties for drive-up climate cancers.

Special considerations and implementation.

  1. Banks: Staggered, Time-Slot Access
    1. Banks have closed branches with appointments required for service.
    2. Based on the last digit of the bank account, service will be rendered in a staggered, time-slotted schedule as if by appointment. Based on the account last digit:
      1. Commercial: 0-4 on MWF and 6-9 on TThS.
      2. Individual: 0-1M ... 2-3T ... 4-5W ... 6-7Th ... 8-9F
    3. Saturday hours: Check cashing only with time-slots based on SS#--see daily time-slots.
    4. Staggering bank days of access will reduce banking costs. But, more importantly, help reduce CO2 emissions.
  2. Fastfood: Simple--no drive-ups. See Drive-up Service Ban
  3. Food Distributions: Numerous problems in food distributiworsen the impact with drive-up distribution. And, the present models are not sustainable as upstream food-donators run out of means. A better, eventual model is Timism's Food for Lifehours. All food distribution will be coordinated thru a public venue, e.g., local high school as a "pseudo super-market."
  4. Celebrations: Anyone organizing a driveing celebration will receive a 30-day de-electrification fine.
  5. Virus testing: There are so many things wrong with the virus testing drive-up services--see Virus Drive-up Ban.

Non-idling cars> de-electrification ... igknowance tax

The governor should implement this. I will not vote for a governor who will not do this.