August 29, 2022

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Ukraine Ambassador

Oksana Markarova
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the United States
Embassy of Ukraine to the United States of America
3350 M Street N.W.,
Washington D.C., 20007,

Madam Ambassador:

I previously communicated with you that I intended to give the revenue from my software to Ukraine as a Global Democracy Tax. Enclosed are key parts of this project to preserve and promote democracy.

  1. Key topics (attachments)
    1. Global Democracy Tax (full webpage)
    2. Crowdfunding arrest of Vladimir Putin: $100,000,000 ... on GoFundMe (Please note each millionaire pledge requires a $1,000 good-faith prepayment all of which ($100k) goes to Ukraine via your embassy.)
    3. Guns for Ukraine: A plea for 25,000 sniper rifles for Ukraine
    4. Center for Timism: Ukraine not only gets the cash from my life's research but the intellectual property rights.
    5. Putin's real legacy: An ELE (Extinction Level Event)
    6. Ukraine Index
  2. Conference
    1. A zoom conference would be valuable to demostrate these topics. If interested, text me at 804-801-2130 (text only, I do not answer non-text calls).
    2. Embassy meeting: I will come from Richmond, VA, to Washington, DC, to answer questions. Assign a staff member to a topic of interest with an hour alloted to each topic. Meetings can be recorded.

I encourage your staff and you to sign up at for free to better appreciate my re-inventing and improving the wheels of politics and economics.

As noted in the Global Democracy Tax for Ukraine, if you are not interested then at my old age I should stop trying to apply my 50 years of thinking on democracy.


Robert S. Barnett
3600 Anne Street
Richmond, VA 23225
804-801-2130 (text only)

P.S. I am no dummy ... in most regards. I graduated cum laude in two years at the largest Illinois univerity(29,000 students, transcript). One semester of seven courses was ace'd for 24 credit hours. Importantly for my understanding of "atmospheric metabolism" was completing the year of pre-med organic chemistry in two months as an overload. In graduate school, my hobby was researching CO2. Enhancing my climate understanding is my having recorded the highest score on the US Navy electricity/electronics final. My resume elicits one of two responses: Lucky or Liar. An asperger autist who comfortably sails alone in exploring existence because of my references, particularly one.

Also enclosed is "Hydrophilia: The simple, molecular 'smoking gun' of droughts, fires and deluges." All reporting on climate change reports and projects. None explain. This essay does. With your degree in Environmental Science, the process should not be unclear to you. In general, only better democracy can reverse climate change.