Christmas 2019

Re: Beta-Testing Request and Rewards

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Greetings Neighbors, Friends and Helpers,

During the holidays, if you find yourself with some boring moments, please beta-test my new website/service. Your two rewards are significant gratis six-figure stock options in Timism, Inc., and the more important reward, the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth from climate hell. As noted below, I have almost four decades of research in the latter. (If this missive offends you, I apologize.)
Mental Sponge
I have unusual qualifications. I graduated from the largest Illinois university cum laude in two years (transcript) I ace'd 24 credit hours in one semester. As an overload, I completed a year of pre-med organic chemistry in two months. In the US Navy, I scored a record high on the electronic comprehensive final exam? (If you find me odd or eccentric, these are the reasons.)

When people review my resume and achievements, they often think I am a liar because of the numerous, diverse success stories. Truth be told: When I became successful in a new area, I became bored and moved on. My references echo my meandering career interest with my greatest pride in the last one. One result of my being a broad-knowledge problem-solver was the repeated accolate of DIBS--Desert Island Bob.

Carbon Dioxide: The Global Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule (summary)
Based on my background in electricity/electronics and chemistry, my approach to understanding atmospheric dynamics is electro-chemical, not computer modeling. The latter merely predicts while my approach explains and predicts. In graduate school my hobby was the metabolic behavior of CO2. In the early 1980s, the media focus of rising CO2 levels was global warming. Wrong focus. My 1982 essay stated that the more immediate suffering would be precipitation changes (droughts/deluges) causing social, economic and political chaos. The new normal. The number of climate change refugees in the last year has doubled to over 100 million. Every war since 1970 has been a climate change driven war. Climate hell is the global underlying cause of inflation as well as un-, under- and mis-employment.

Understanding CO2's hydrophilia (how CO2 likes water more than water likes itself) is the thread in fabricating how CO2 clothes life on earth in worsening shades of gray. The CO2 Killer essay explains its fatal impact on all levels of existence.

Supportive   essays expanded on the hydrophilia/dessication property of CO2, e.g., Hurricanes for Dummies, Polar Time Bomb, Bees Dying and the AlphaTrifecta. The latter explains how rising CO2 levels are behind rising rates of autism, ADHD and Altzheimers as well as allergies and asthma. Most climate researchers focus on one aspect. The CO2 Killer summary unites the spectrum of CO2 changes around one common factor: hydrophilia.

It is not enough to describe what is wrong. I have created the tools to organize and motivate people for the Primary Moral Imperative, that is, saving life on Planet Earth from climate hell? The tools? Better democracy and capitalism via brainbees and lifehours.

Signup: It's free

Business Model of Timism: Give Away Shares to Problem-Solvers
Which would be a greater legacy for Timism's shares?
  1. Fund another foundation of which few people know except for self-promotional TV ads.
  2. Allocate share ownership to individuals who help promote the Primary Moral Imperative to reverse climate chaos.

Timism did not use venture capital to pay software programmers. Instead, Timism's primary funder, programmer and owner can award his shares to supporters of better democracy and capitalism, the needed tools to save life on earth.

Philantropist/Sponsor: Be One

In 2019, some philantropists assumed student loans, e.g., Robert Smith for Morehouse College and Ken Langone NYU medical school. They did this by selling stock in their corporations. You have the same opportunity using Timism shares.

An analogy: Imagine giving others $100,000 in stock of the next Google or Facebook. As noted in the business model, stock options are to exceed 500 million shares, a pittance compared to the average Wall Street IPO--see business model.

You can financially empower yourself and others with enough equity to have funds greater than average student loan debt. More importantly, you will be creating a new public problem-solving process to reverse climate chaos, the Primary Moral Imperative.

Take a moment--sign up and claim some large stock options. A delete button is available if you don't want the account. Then, email this text to students, friends and family.

Be a philantropist using Timism gratis stocks. Be sure to encourage them to use your email as the "sponsor email address" for which you will receive five more shares of Timism.

Example of Gratis shares in Timism:
Free Lifehour Shares ($25/share)
of Start-up 500 million gratis shares
with $25,000,000,000 market cap
Topic Shares Total $ Value




Business Model




Primary Moral Imperative




Ideal Lottery: 24in4




Peoples Primary




CO2: Killer Molecule


4006 $103,555

Visit Claim Free Timism Shares for more shares.

Encourage friends to signup for a chunk of stock:
When millions have billions in lifehour shares,
we will have a new cyber-currency based
in solving problems.

Brainbees: Timism's Cashcow
  1. Brainbees are on-line spelling bees, an automated, peer-review process to spell-out problem definitions and solutions.
  2. Brainbees will find our Einstein Moments to solve problems in the most economic, efficient and expeditious manner.
  3. Brainbees will do to public and private human policy-making what computers did to accounting and bookkeeping in the 1990s--saving 90% of the cost.
  4. Anywhere, any decision-making can be uniquely defined by two variable: the country's ICANN code and the postal code where the human meets--see Super-Brainbee (International expansion is coded.
  5. Brainbees are the Super-Highway to government of, by, and for the people.
  6. Brainbees are color, race, ethnic and religious blind
  7. Brainbees mirror our mental cognition, a de facto cosmic unconsciousness.
  8. Brainbees will grow cashflow to redeem lifehour shares acquired by supporters of the Primary Moral Imperative.
  9. Examples: Zero-cost primaries ... People Primaries ... Citizen Legislation ... Civility Brainbees ... Class Action ... Job Time

Signup: It's free. Be philantropist to those whose email addresses you have.

If you have questions and want to get together, email when it would be a good time for you. (I go to bed at about 8pm, so anytime after 4am is fine ... LOL.)

Thank you for your time. Happy holidays. Or, as I like to amuse, "Happy whatever makes you spend your money."

Sincerely, your neighbor,

Bob Barnett

P.S. Final thoughts

  1. On a sinking ship, apathy is suicide, cheerleading play is homicide and preaching igknowance is genocide.
  2. If you want to be happy with more friends, means, freedom and time, live like a baby chicken: cheap, cheap, cheap.
  3. You may have seen my "end-of-life catch-up," a young single mom who fills the gaps of my having never been a parent or grand-parent. I am proud of her going from a 100% project girl to a "college girl" with my help. She is in her 3rd semester, a voter, and soon a driver. She now observes the work ethic workweek rising in time to catch 8am news, and, importantly, only a weekend imbiber of recreational substances. But, it has not been without moments of frustrations and disappointments. Timism is my global effort to make the world better. This catch-up is a personal, individual effort.