Adopt a Russian Conscript:
300,000 Adopters Needed

(Also see Adopt an Embassy Worker)

Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine must be stopped for many reasons. The main reason is that it is directly and indirectly accelerating climate change. The Ukrainian damage will require massive amounts of concrete manufacturing which is the second leading cause of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide. Indirectly, and like all people, the Russians should be fighting the forest fires which are a key element of Mother Nature's intensifyinig closed loop:  CO2 >drought>fire>CO2>drought>fire ... ad infinitum. (see Hydrophilia).

Timism has proposed and provided several means, large and small, for individuals and businesses to help end Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

The goal of Adopt a Russian Conscript is for Russian soldiers to march with their feet for something bigger than Vladimir Putin's ego, that is, Human Rights and Democracy. The encouragement is summarized in the below message for dropping on Russian troops.

Individuals and businesses are encouraged to Adopt a Conscript for many reasons:

  1. Slow Climate Change: The elephant in the room.
  2. Avert Nuclear War:
  3. Business Normalization:

To adopt a conscript, an individual or business must post $30,000 with the Timism Swiss bank of account. On a monthly basis, Timism's international accountant will transfer $2,500 to the adopted conscript. Every six months the funds will be  update with $15,000.

The adopter funds will be repaid per the schedule outlined on Global Democracy Tax for Ukraine. In addition, adopter receives lifehour credits in their nation: a two-fer.

Per the following form, when 300,000 adopters have signed up with a $10 USD pledge, then funds will deposited with Timism's Swiss bank(AdoptConscripts). Timism international accountant will disperse the funds through ETF to adoptees. Ninety percent of $10 pledges go to a Ukraine PayPal account (AdoptPledge) for transfer to a Ukraine account at the Swiss bank. One in ten pledges goes to Timism PayPal account as a finder's fee and for on-going operation costs. Pledgers will be notified when the 300,000 goal is reached. (Failure to follow-thru within seven days will result in deletion of account.)

Pledges To Adopt a Russian Conscript
Needed: Pledges 300,000 ... Last Count: ?
I pledge to deposit $30,000 USD in an Ukrainian Swiss bank account when there are 300,000 pledgers
ICANN code 2-letter, e.g.,US
Member Email:
(Can be individual, organization, or business.)

Contracts for Russian Soldiers Wanting to Reform Russia
300,000 companies in the West want to adopt you
Dear Fellow Russian who shares our Slavic ancestry,

Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine has killed tens of thousands of us on both sides of our shared national border. Ukrainians did not want this invasion. And, based on many accounts from and actions by Russian soldiers, neither do they want nor believe in Putin's war.

While the physical damage in Ukraine is great, Russia is suffering from economic damage that will take decades to undo. You are going intp war with limited training and inadequate equipment. Each day you fight, you are not only risking life and limb, but you are indirectly destroying your Motherland. Millions did not die in the Great Patriotic War to repeat the Hitlers crimes of invading other nations. This war will end. What will you have when you go home? Inflation, unemployment, and crime.

One hundred thousand western companies have pledged a year's wages ($30,000 USD about 2 million rubles) to be paid monthly if volunteer to stop Putin's war by accepting this offer. You will be paid monthly ($2,500/150,000 rubles). You will be employed in helping repair and rebuild Ukraine's damage from Putin's attack on civilian targets. You will not be asked to take up arms against Russia. When the war ends, you will be given a six-month bonus with which to go home and help rebuild Russia.

To claim your contract for the future, approach Ukrainian forces with a white square (at least 8"x8") on your breast. Ukrainian forces have been instructed to treat you with respect that you deserve in wanting to end a war that is basically brother fighting brother.