In Appreciation of
Joseph Richard Spence
WWII Ghost Army

Center for Timism:
The Morality of More Time,
aka, the Periodic Table of Existence
(Center Overview)

Who Gets the Center?
Depends on Votes for Air Force, Army, Marines or Navy

  1. Business Model (Essay): Which would be a greater legacy?
    1. Fund a foundation of which few know anything except for self-promotional TV ads.
    2. Allocate share ownership of internet start-up to individuals and organizations who help
      1. promote 24in4's shorter workweek of meaningful jobs with guaranteed healthcare,
      2. promote the tools of timism for better democracy and capitalism,
      3. promote the Primary Moral Imperative to reverse climate chaos and global dying.
  2. Voting:
    1. Who gets location preference for the Center For Timism? First 25,000 votes using the signup "recruiter" field, enter,,, or
    2. Guidelines:
      1. Until deadline, active duty service members have a monopoly on Homestead Stock Grants.
      2. After the deadline, relatives can homestead separately, e.g., siblings, spouses and parent/child.
      3. There are service members stressed-out to the point of becoming tomorrow's sad, unfortunate, preventable headlines: Financial equity in Timism could give them hope to escape their despair.
      4. Signup and vote.
    3. The Center will receive one million lifehour credits ($25,000,000) as well as five percent of Timism, Inc, revenues post 1,000,000 accounts.
  3. Brainbees: (Index)
    1. Brainbees find more quickly and fully the Einstein Moments of military personnel and civilian population.
    2. Based on the merits of the moment, brainbees evolve transient chains of command or heads-on hierarchies of intelligence.
    3. Examples (some, not all): Cash for the Timism academic and media hierarchy.
      1. Dollar Democracy
        1. Citizen Legislation: Monthly national, state and local brainbees
        2. Zero-Cost Primaries: Apolitical primaries.
        3. Youth Wisdom Forums: Encourage youngsters to self-inform in the lingo of their moments.
      2. High Cashflow
        1. Job Time: Cut human resource hiring costs by 90% or more.
        2. Civility: Impose greater efficiency in quality controlling and sharing time-saving, problem-solving information. (Lunchtime re-brainbees).
      3. Super Brainbee: On one webpage with only a nation's ICANN two-letter code and the postal code of the building wherein public policy-making is conducted, one can standardize, economize, and empower better decision-making in any nation or village in the world.
  4. Lifehours:  (Index) Equivalent to the average hourly wages of the economic unit, e.g., US=$26.50 (2017).
    1. Timism stock option earnings per action of end-user
      1. Signup (5, ~$130)
      2. Homestead (800>18,000,[~$20,000> $400,000])
      3. Homestead bonuses 10% of sponsored accounts.
      4. Endow a Higher Ed facility for more  lifehour credits (one/vote)
    2. Lifehours are a reward for protecting America. Timism gives rights of first refusal to billions of dollars in Timism lifehour shares to our national defenders. More than equity positions, the goal is the Primary Moral Imperative.
    3. Trading Lifehours: Today, personal items and services. Tomorrow, tax and loan payments
    4. We need a new currency--Dollar is dying as problem-solving tool of commerce.
    5. When millions have billions in lifehours then we will have a new, problem-solving cyber currency.
  5. Accelerating, Synergistic Existential Meltdown: Only better democracy (brainbees) can reverse.
    1. All of our problem-solving institutions are facing worsening problems with fewer, less qualified problem-solvers: Politics, family, education, retirement, capitalism, stress, depression, millennials, etc.
    2. The common cause of worsening problems is CO2: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule. (If there is one timism essay to read more than once, it is this CO2: Killer Molecule.)
    3. My analysis of climate change is based an electro-chemical view of the atmosphere, not NOAA super-computer models--essays.
    4. Civil and proxy wars are really escalating, on-going "Climate Change Wars," e.g., droughts+floods=famine+conflict--see 1982.
    5. Repairing destroyed cities will worsen climate chaos as the production of concrete is the second main cause of CO2 emissions: CaCO3>CaO+CO2. We cannot, absolutely cannot, afford to rebuild after human wars or natural disasters--but politicians will look at their next re-election rather than long-term trends. It is careless caring to throw gasoline on a fire. It will kill us.
    6. AlphaTrifecta: Rising CO2 levels cause rising Autism, ADHD, and Alzheimers. Global warming is also global dumbing.
  6. Seminars: I am available, gratis, for seminars at the Pentagon on the following:
    1. CO2: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule
    2. Brainbees: How the military can utilize them to find Einstein Moments
    3. 401ks: The Biggest Bank Robbery in History
    4. I am willing to conduct workshops for Pentagon coders (php/mysqli) to implement brainbees for the US military.
  7. Qualifications:
    1. Electronic Technician. Made E4 in 11 months(1969), record high final.
    2. Completed undergraduate requirements at a US state university of 29,000 in 2 years, cum laude.
    3. One semester, ace'd 24 credit hours. Completed pre-med organic chemistry in two months as overload.
    4. DD214 ... Transcript ... Resume ... Achievements ... References (proud of last one) ... Writings ...  Bona Fides 
    5. Timism: The Morality of More Time, aka, Periodic Table of existence
      1. Timism is a T.O.E: A Theory Of Everything, from physics to morality.
      2. What are the goals of Timism:
        1. The Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth from climate change.
        2. Reverse Accelerating Synergistic Meltdown (above)
  8. Marketing Effort:
    1. Richmond Recruiters 190131
      1. Delivered to eleven locations, pleasant reception. Told 'em all, if you don't like the proposal, it makes wonderful kindling for a fireplace.
      2. Air Force recruiter at 7801 W. Broad refused to open the door at 14:30 even when I said I was a vet. His superiors need to teach him some manners.
    3. News outlets, emails